What Is HEOS by Denon & Marantz


HEOS is an acronym that means Home Entertainment Operating System. It belongs to the wireless multi-room audio product lines of Denon and Marantz who are widely known for their wireless speakers.

HEOS basically needs a WiFi or Wireless Network to perform its basic functions and features.

What Is HEOS Apps?

The App is the core software that supervises the full functionality of the any HEOS-enabled devices thru your wireless connectivity.

It is available for both the Apple and Android versions.

Install this software to your smartphones or smart devices, and then follow the on-screen instructions to locate and pair with your devices.


Use to Stream Music

After you have successfully setup your apps and your devices, you now have privilege enjoy streaming your favorite music from your smartphone thru your wireless speakers or home theater system.

Enjoy music from any part of your room that has access to WiFi or Bluetooth.

Pay attention on your router’s signal strength as well as its wireless area coverage. The farther it gets may degrade your sound quality. Refer to their respective hardware specifications for maximum service area.

Music Streaming Services

  • Amazon Music
  • Tune-In
  • Deezer
  • iHeart Radio
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • SoundCloud
  • Mood Mix
  • Sirius/XM
  • Napster

Supports Digital Music Formats

HEOS allows you to WiFi stream your favorite uncompressed music and  then listen to its superior sound qualities.

  • MP3
  • WMA
  • AAC
  • Wav
  • Apple Lossless
  • Flac
  • DSD

Supports Stereo System

You will need two identical speakers of same brand and same model.

One speaker will be configured to support the left stereo channel and the other speaker to support the right stereo channel.

Here are some great shelf stereo systems that you may choose for your HEOS setup.

Produces Surround Sound

The best thing about Wi-Fi is the flexibility to combine different wireless devices.

For example, you can actually use HEOS to send surround sound to your compatible sound bars as well as home theater receivers.

You will need precise signals such as the Dolby Digital surround channel and DTS to create the surround sound effects.

Links with Amazon Alexa

Any voice-assisted Amazon Alexa compatible devices can be paired.

Simply linked these two smart devices via their dedicated apps and to activate the HEOS HEAS. Once you have successfully established a link between the two then you can enjoy their features on any wireless speakers or home receivers.


Thanks to Denon who developed the technology wayback 2014 and was called HEOS HS1. Two years after its release, in 2016 Denon upgraded to HEOS HS2 with additional features that new owners will enjoy such as:

  1. A button to added into its wireless speakers to easily activate the Bluetooth feature.
  2. HEOS Bluetooth dongle is no longer mandatory for HS2 versions.
  3. Hi-Resolution Audio is now supported.
  4. A better bandwidth wireless transmission through 5 GHz frequency.
  5. Added compatibility with its Home Entertainment Alexa Skill (HEAS).

There is an increasing demand for the use of multi-room features and with this Denon provided solution with its HEOS platform. While it plays an important role for wireless flexibility, you may also want to consider other platforms such as MusicCastSonos and Play-Fi.

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