What Solar Power System Do I Need

What Solar Power System Do I Need

What are Solar Power Systems?

Did you know that solar power systems can produce enough sunlight energy to meet the requirements of buildings of all sizes?

We are all aware of the fact that solar energy comes from the sun. However, do you know how solar power generator transforms sunshine into electricity or power for our needs?

Let me explain.

Home solar system have components called Photovoltaic solar panels, that are made from a natural substance called Silicon. The special property of silicon is that it becomes electrically charged when exposed to sun light. And it is this charge that causes solar cells to function and generate power for all our needs.

One important thing to remember is that for a solar powered inverter to work properly, the photovoltaic panels have to be arranged properly. So, they should face solar south if you live in the Northern Hemisphere and in the opposite direction if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.

Good quality, properly installed residential solar power will cut down your power bills, even while reducing your environmental footprint to a minimum.

Now, here are some interesting facts about renewable energy.

Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

  1. Solar energy is highly recommended since it is clean, safe, reliable, sustainable, involves least maintenance problems and increases your home value.
  2. Not only is the sun the largest source of alternative energy, but it is also the cleanest and most efficient.
  3. We use devices called photovoltaic cells to tap into solar energy and convert it into usable green energy using the principle of photovoltaics.
  4. In less than an hour, the sun supplies more energy than we need for an entire year.
  5. Home solar system is the most popular alternate energy source with PV solar panels production rates doubling every two years.

Still not convinced about the benefits of solar power?

Here are some obvious advantages.

Advantages of Adopting Solar Energy Power Systems

We already saw that solar energy is one of the few energy sources that is non-polluting and has the lowest environmental footprint. Installation of solar power systems is highly efficient, as they function for several years at a stretch and with no issues. Thus, this Eco-Friendly energy choice guarantees excellent value for money.

Now let us quickly look at the different types of solar power systems available today.

Types of Solar Power Systems

  • PV-Direct Systems are very basic systems consisting of photovoltaic cell arrays and the load. They do not have batteries, and work only in the presence of sunlight. Hence, their use is highly limited.
  • Off-grid systems can function anywhere and independently from the utility grid. These versatile systems can produce enough energy to meet the entire needs of a household or business. The battery units in these systems store solar energy, so it can supply power even at night or on cloudy days.
  • Grid-Tied systems with battery back-up have links to the general utility grid, so the energy needs are distributed between the solar system and general utility power system.
  • Batteryless Grid-Tied systems produce solar electricity that offsets the demands on the general utility grid. This reduces the dependency on the general power supply system. The only issue with this option is that there is no battery, which means the system fails to operate in case there is a power outage.

Challenges to Consider When Employing Solar Energy

Since solar energy use is relatively new, there are many challenges to overcome when switching to this energy source. Hence, it is wise to work with a reputable and experienced solar power company for guaranteed results.

Always bear in mind that the operation of photovoltaic solar panels depends on the availability of sunlight.  Presence of direct sunlight is unpredictable, since it is a natural phenomenon. It varies with the weather and according to the place.

However, an established solar power company will have the expertise and resources to plan and install optimal solar energy systems that overcomes these issues. So, make sure that you hire only the best experts for your solar energy needs.

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