Why Solar Power is Important and Good for the Environment

Why solar power is important and good for the environment

Why Would I Want to Switch to Solar Power?

Why indeed!?

Well, solar power is one of the ways we can save our environment from collapsing. The sun’s energy is pretty much free sustainable energy that we trap here on earth! If we can reduce the consumption of fossil fuels, then it can reverse the effects of global warming. Simple as that!

Still doubt why we should switch to solar power system?

Let’s see why solar power is important and good for the environment.

Solar Saves You Money!

Save Money Piggy Bank

What? No it does not,” you think yourself, “Solar electric panels cost so much!” Not anymore they don’t.

Sunlight is now the cheapest way to produce electricity on the planet. Experts say that by 2020 it is expected to fall down to about $0.03 per kWh (Kilowatt per Hour). That is a far cry from the $0.17 (about 5 times more) needed for fossil fuels!

The biggest expenditures in US households is the money spent paying electric bills. You could cut the electricity bill right out of the equation with green energy. A onetime investment will save you thousands for the next 30 years! And you’re saving the planet while you do it. What more could you ask for!

And guess what? You could earn credits from the surplus energy you produce (and this does happen a lot with solar panels for homes) These credits could be monetary or just certain privileges. Though most of the time you can expect to cash in. You could use the money to buy more solar cells and cash in even more!

Higher Returns, Higher Benefits!

Higher Return of Investment

So you are essentially in a safe zone with investment on solar electricity. Other conventional return on investments pale in comparison to investments on clean energy. This is mostly because of the aforementioned reason. You save a lot of money. You would have paid off the solar shingles before you know it and then all you are making are profits!

Most companies estimate the initial return on investment to be approximately your electricity bill or even above. After that, the alternative energy is effectively paying for itself, by reducing or completely eliminating bills.

Get Tax Benefits up to 30%!

If you are a homeowner or have a business that has invested in solar you can get 30% tax credit with the Solar Investment Tax Credit. This 30% covers the cost of labour, preparation, and necessary components.

A tax credit is similar to a tax write off but only better. Tax credit is an equal reduction in tax currently owed. So if your 30% tax credit amounted to $1000, you can expect a $1000 less in your current tax owed! Unfortunately, the tax credit on solar is set to expire in 2021. So better now than later I would say!

Save Our Planet

Kids Save Planet Earth

In the United States alone houses and buildings account for 35% of the carbon dioxide emissions. That means that you are directly responsible for the planet heating up. What you can do to stop this is to switch to renewable resources.

Fossil fuels massive amounts of power to burn and then themselves produce a lot of the CO2 that is warming our planet up. With sun’s energy becoming the cheapest available renewable energy resource, it wise to stop using fossil fuels that further destroys our planet earth.

So do your part and prepare a better environment for your children in the future!

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