Why is My DVD Player in Black and White

Why is my DVD player in black and white

Solutions to Why DVD Player in Black and White

Did you recently encounter a sudden problem with your DVD Player in Black and White images? While your normal TV viewing shows are colored, but your DVD player is not?

Let’s see what are the possible causes that can result why your DVD player is in black and white.

The most probable issue is with wrong cable connections within your Television and DVD player. Here are the potential areas where you can investigate:

  • You may have mistakenly connected the player’s video output (Red-Green-Blue) or RCA connector to the wrong TV’s input slot. Below are the possible correct connections.
Composite Audio (R/W) and Video (Y)
Component (Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr)
  • Some Televisions were built such that they are sharing the video component and composite connections. You may need to configure from the menu to the correct settings.
Shared Composite and Component
  • You may have connected via the S-Video port of your player, but you have not setup in the settings to switch into S-connection mode.
  • The pins inside the S-Video cable may have been bent or broken.
S-Video Cable
S-Video Cable
  • Your TV has features to serve both the PAL and NTSC systems. You will need to refer to your TV manual and change to the correct settings.
  •  The cables that you are using may be defective already. It is time to replace them with new cables.


Finally after series of checks and investigations, hopefully that you have resolved the problem why your DVD player in black and white.

Should your problems still persist, then you must contact a professional technician or call the official service center of your TV or DVD Player.

You may also want to see what are the best audio video receivers that will not hurt your budget but will give you more satisfaction.

Tell us the comment section below what other possible solutions that may be applied to this kind of video problems.

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