Best Home Automation System 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

Home automation system in 2019 will give you plenty of reasons to start a new project to achieve house security, safety and convenience. It is an ultimate experience to install your smart audio video devices and control these components via software apps interface.

Developing your own home automation system is like getting a smart phone…

… Your life gets so much easier. Automate your chores such as controlling your appliances and lights, remotely monitor your home thru internet services connected cameras and sensors, control your electric water heater, water your lawns and even open or close your window blinds.

Get to know the best home automation system 2019 in our buying guide and reviews.

Best Home Automation System 2019 List

Smart DevicesCategoryWeight (ounce)Dimension (inch) 
Nest LearningThermostat16.03.3 x 1.2 x 3.3Check Price
Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi
Thermostat8.04.5 x 0.9 x 3.5Check Price
Indoor16.02.5 x 6.0 x 8.5Check Price
iSmartAlarmSecurity42.07.0 x 7.0 x 7.0Check Price
Logitech HarmonyHub12.06.0 x 2.0 x 0.6Check Price
MyQ-Garage Controls
Car0.60.5 x 2.7 x 1.4Check Price
RainMachine TouchOutdoor11.05.9 x 4.5 x 1.1Check Price
Smart Light Switch
Lights9.05.1 x 3.3 x 2.1Check Price
Nest CameraSecurity11.02.8 x 2.8 x 3.5Check Price
SkyBell Video DoorbellSecurity1.92.8 x 0.9 x 2.8Check Price

What is the Best Smart Home System 2019?

Are you planning on automating your home by making it smarter? You will need the best smart devices in the market to suit up your smart home and live the life of convenience, security, cost-efficiency and most importantly the life that you well deserve. Read on for these best smart home system and devices reviews. Plus a buying guide at the end of this chapter.

Nest Learning Thermostat – Third Generation

Nest learning thermostat is a third generation smart home automation device for managing your home heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. It allows you to manually or automatically set your desired temperature.

With its innovative learning capability, this smart thermostat will gradually learn your usual HVAC settings for any certain time of the day.

And then next time, Nest thermostat already knows your preferred temperature settings according its program. It may not give you the perfect results during its first learning stages, but gradually improves as soon as more data has been introduced into its smart system.

Its smart detection feature is appealing for your cost-reduction goals. It knows when to activate the heating system if someone is inside the home or room … or when to turn-off itself when nobody is around…


Save 10% to 12% on heating electricity bills or up to 15% for your cooling bills!

This is perfect for multiple rooms since the automated thermostat knows which rooms need temp conditioning and which rooms do not.

You don’t have to worry even if you forgot to switch it off when you are in rush… The Nest thermostat 3rd generation will do it for you at your convenience and energy-saving mode…

Finally, this smart home automation system is accessible remotely thru any internet connected devices such as your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop PC. Let’s say before leaving your busy working office you remotely schedule your Nest 3rd generation to pre-heat or pre-cool your room so that it is nice and ready when you reach home.



The Nest WiFi thermostat is ideal for head homeowners or parents aged between 30 to 50 years and who live in homes having multiple rooms. The typical owner is expected to be within the middle to upper class salary bracket.

Quality and Ease of Use

Thermostat is easy to operate just by turning the ring either up to heat or down to cool. Visual colors also provides you an easy indication such as orange when heating up and then blue when cooling down. A black background indicates that it is in idle state.

Operating your menu is simple just like a normal operation. Simply press your nest learning thermostat towards the wall and turn the ring up or down to your desired menu options. Press it again towards the wall to confirm your selection.

Alternative Solutions

  • Nest Thermostat E – cheaper than its “3rd generation”, made of plastic and inferior display, doesn’t support farsight & less compatibility with most HVAC systems.
  • Ecobee4 – smart WiFi thermostats, flat touchscreen instead of round face, and more functionality than Nest products.
  • Honeywell Lyric T5 – this is an alternative for budget-conscious buyers and not so technically advance than its competitors.
  • Tado thermostat – expandable to support a multi-room functionality as well as sleek and smart designs.
  • Netatmo – smart thermostat for smartphone but doesn’t support geofencing. Apps may sometimes become unresponsive and bothersome.

User Experiences

Energy saving is the most significant result that most people experienced. Their electric bills dropped significantly on their first month…

… The indicated temperature in their nest thermostat is as close as the actual surrounding temperate which gives this smart device its high accuracy.

Some people enjoyed its precise scheduling temperature features particularly on those days with unforeseen weird temperatures…

… Unfortunately, a user had experienced after his first 2 months of usage. The thermostat suddenly became unresponsive. Nest’s troubleshooter manual was not able to provide him with immediate solutions.

There was a good response after the user raised the online support ticket, but he was told to call online support. Sadly, he got stuck with the automated phone loop and never got the chance to talked with the online support team…


  • ENERGY STAR certified - more electricity savings!
  • Bigger and sharper display
  • Sleek thin stainless design
  • Easy to setup and use


  • Learning algorithm may need a bit of time to learn your desired settings
  • Does not provide an excellent customer support.


The nest learning thermostat 3rd generation delivers convenience with majority of its features and functions. Its setup and usage is relatively easy to follow. It has a big boost in cost saving which should help you a lot in reducing your monthly electric bills. Its sleek design and larger display makes this smart home device simply beautiful.

You must be patient during its learning phase as it may not deliver perfect results yet. Thru time and more data coming in to its system, only then you get its full potential.

Some users had experienced slight reliability issues after certain period of usage and did not received an excellent customer support. Although it is only few cases but still you must pay attention to this matter when considering your buying options.

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat is a touch screen programmable thermostat that is compatible Amazon’s Alexa voice services to smartly control your home’s heating and cooling system. You don’t have to worry about your hot afternoons or cold mornings.

It has a customization screen color that can match your desired decoration. It also includes locking screen for added smart security feature and convenience.

Access remotely via Honeywell’s connect comfort app through any internet connected devices such as tablet, computer, iOS or Android smartphones.


The major sectors who consume smart home technologies are tech companies, service providers, energy retailers, investors and utilities.

The Honeywell RTH9580WF touchscreen thermostat is ideal for those who are interested in style, ability to access a multi-room home, convenience and especially energy savings.

Quality and Ease of Use

  1.  Whether you own iOS or Android devices you have the flexibility to control this thermostat anywhere with internet connectivity.
  2.  Setup is made simple with its smart programmable features for your business or home.
  3.  Have fun with the its color touchscreen that you can match to your personal taste, your mood or your favorite sports team.
  4.  Never miss your temperature timing with RTH9580WF’s smart response.
  5.  Make use of its potential using their indoor humidity sensor as well as fan comfort control to manage air circulation.

Alternative Solutions

  • Ecobee3
  • Honeywell Lyric
  • Emerson Sensi
  • Lennox iComfort
  • Venstar ColorTouch

User Experience

Some people love the sleek design and its color-changing features. If you are too bored with the old color, you can simply change it as you wish…

…Match its color with your new wall decor or just as you fit with your personality.

Its touch screen displaying all-in-one information about outside humidity, temperature, time and date quickly gives you the information you need on the go. Unlike competitions that need to scroll to different menu for specific info…

Although, standard battery can work on Honeywell thermostat, but it is highly recommended to have a C-Wire or “common” wire. These smart devices are power-hungry that will draw a lots of power to use for their on-screen display and WiFi usage. You don’t want to replace batteries too often, don’t you?

…You may require extra service charges for this type of wire installation, but it will serve you well in the long term.

Users often receive regular software updates to either enhance their features & efficiency or patch up some bugs. Either ways, it is beneficial for the user since updates are continuous on timely basis…

RTH9580WF does not have a machine-learning capability, so you have to rely on manual programming. But, it comes with a handy ready-set recommendations so you can just apply them and have it ready in no time…


  • Color changing touch screen display
  • All-in-One display: Temperature, Humidity, Date, Time
  • Quick set programme recommendations


  • Requires C-Wire installation for better usage
  • Lacks proximity sensors for added energy saving feat


Honeywell RTH9580WF smart thermostat is ideal for home owners who prefers to customize your smart devices color display. Also, ideal for people who have a busy schedule and requires to get a one page – show all necessary information.

Performance-wise this thermostat delivers top-notch. The only drawback is requiring additional C-wire installation for better convenience.

Machine-learning or manual fixed programming is a preference depending on individuals. You may reconsider this option according to your comfort level with technology.

MySmartBlinds automation kit is a smart device that remotely controls your motorized blinds through an installed apps from your smartphone, tablets or any other smart-compatible devices.

You can either manually access the switch, voice-control via Amazon Alexa device, automate via sun-tracking or set on a scheduled time for your electric blinds.

Change your remote control blinds to allow more light to enter your home or close it to have more privacy within.

User Experience

Some users experienced difficulties in following through the instructional video. It does not provide clear technical details that encompasses different blind manufacturing brands. But, there were users who feel that video was wonderful as it fits even for dummies.

There seems to be poor or lack of online support for this model. One user exclaims! Also, the auto sunset or sunrise scheduler does not function to its full potential. Users felt that this function becomes useless.


  • Can easily integrate with known major window blinds brands
  • Energy-Saver with compatibility to solar panel power source.
  • SmartBlind's smart app is versatile in multi-tasking on/off functions for multiple smart devices as well as scheduling options.


  • The lack of connectivity to Zigbee or ZWave makes in less attractive for home automation such as Control5, SmartThing, Insteon, etc...


The MySmartBlinds is within the mid-range cost of smart home devices. Although it lacks the compatibility with a hub, yet it will still provide automation for your window’s open/close functions.

iSmartAlarm is a wireless portable smart alarm system that will allow you to monitor, control, arm or disarm your security system in real-time. It can be accessed through your smartphone in any part of the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

The integrated mobile app allows you to view your smart motion sensor’s status either ON/OFF and to view real-time live feed from the wireless security cameras.

iSmartAlarm security system has an alert feature to notify you whenever there a break-in or intrusion has triggered your DIY home security contact sensors inside your house. It has multiple ways to notify you through email, push notification, SMS or even phone calls.

User Experience

To fully utilize the feature of iSmartAlarm, you need to fully understand the how to link the functionalities of iCamera Keep and iSmartAlarm CubeOne.

  1. Make sure that both systems are connected to the same wireless network.
  2. Launch the software App and find the “MORE” button at the bottom right page.
  3. Now select “Link Devices”
  4. Give some time for the app to scan and detect your devices.
    • The iCamera KEEP will be shown among your choices.
  5. Now press this choice to turn in ON.
The average setup installation time is usually less than an hour. Users who completed their first installation takes about 15 minutes to setup their succeeding iSmartAlarm systems.


  • Excellent after-sales support with their customer service.
  • It does not come with long term contracts or monthly fees.
  • Ultimate wireless alarm system.


  • The app software contains glitches or unreliable.
  • Due to poor apps performance, there are handful of cases that notifications get delayed.
  • Lacks integration of alert or notification to local police enforcement.


This is a great choice DIY for small to medium smart homes that do not require professional monitoring services. Setup is quick and easy to follow.

Logitech harmony elite harmony hub is an ultimate all-in-one remote control for your home automation needs. It can integrate its function to different smart devices such as thermostats, locks, lights, sound systems, TV, or motorized blinds.

It is fully compatible with the Amazon Alexa voice control activation and integration.

Having Logitech harmony hub within your smart home is convenient.

Let’s say on weekends that you want to watch your favorite movie in your home theater system, simply use Logitech remote control to dim your lights, adjust your sounds, trigger sensors to control your blinds and finally set your thermostat temperature within your living room.

How cool is that!? Operate your smart home devices with the touch of your finger.


User Experience

Setup of Logitech Harmony was intuitive as users had excellent experience especially for bulk migration from an existing Logitech device to newer models. The PC integration works much smoothly than using their mobile phones. Software setup can be easily downloaded and installed from Logitech’s site.

The ergonomic design of Harmony was less appealing that its former 880 model. Priority was given to the touch screen size thus reducing the numerical buttons.

For users who prefer using one-handed grip and pressing buttons with their thumbs found this ergonomic change to be an annoyance. It will require one hand to hold the remote and another hand to actually press the button keys.
Lastly, the new Elite model lacks integration with Amazon voice enable smart devices, thus it defeats its purpose of being an essential part of the smart home automation system.



  • Best synchronization medium for your smartphone and actual remote control.
  • The program setup guide is easy to follow.


  • It is highly dependent with the Infrared technology which is considered slow.
  • There are less programming choices. Lacks flexibility.
  • It does not contain an API that can be used to access 3rd party applications.


This is a all-in-one package remote control but comes with a hefty price. Although minority of devices are not compatible with this remote control, it still depends on what users actually need for your smart home automation. Consider checking the list of compatible devices and you will have nothing to worry.

Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener is a WiFi smart garage hub that is compatible with the Chamberlain liftmaster chain driver.

It allows you to remotely open or close your WiFi garage door via the installed app in your smartphone or tablet.

Chamberlain garage door sends an alert notification each time MyQ garage sensors were triggered. Know when someone is trying to sneak in your smart garage when you are not around. 

Have a peace of mind during your vacation with this whole new experience of convenience, security and safety.


  • Battery backup solution makes it usable even in power outage.
  • Can be controlled via voice command through Google Assistant or Siri.
  • Works well with majority garage door manufacturers especially those assembled after 1993.


  • Requires an additional extension kit that you need to purchase separately for garage doors that are taller than 7 feet or 2.1 meter.
  • It is not flexible with other smart devices in the market today.
  • Lacks the integration with the Amazon Alexa voice control.


Chamberlain company has well established its brand for several years. Chamberlain MyQ is designed to be compatible with almost any garage door openers in the market today. Plus, with the integration of major wireless communication protocols gives this connected device an edge to effectively manage your garage from anywhere with your smartphone.

RainMachine Touch HD-12 is a WiFi sprinkler controller that automatically adjusts the watering amount thru its control valve depending on the seasons. It is one of the IoT green applications.

This smart irrigation controller gives more water during hot summer season, but provides little water during rainy or cooler periods.

The wireless sprinkler system controller not only protects your plants due to over-watering problems or under-watering issues, but also promotes cost reduction and efficient water conservation.

Did you know that RainMachine smart sprinkler controller connects to your WiFi to gather the best real-time weather information and then adjusts the water flow rate accordingly.

The RainMachine collects weather data from multiple reliable sources such as NOAA.GOV, NetAtmo, Metno, Wunderground Personal Weather Station or

Is the internet down? No worries as Touch HD-12 smart watering system will use huge historical offline data to predict the weather on that day to take care of your garden lawn.

Access and view your gardens from anywhere as long as you have installed the app with any compatible smart devices such as PC, laptops, and  iOS or Android smartphones that are connected to the internet.


  • Cost-Saver with its WaterSense certification which is a US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program.
  • Seamless physical design.
  • Installation can be easily achieved without seeking professional help.
  • Software app is creatively designed into iOS or Web browser.


  • Lacks the flexibility for expansion to multiple zones.
  • Does not send alert notifications for entries that have conflicting water schedules.


RainMachine HD-12 boasts its easy installation system and reliable smartphone apps. It is also relatively more affordable than the Rachio 2nd Gen.

Touch HD-12 offers better zones (12 versus 8) while maintaining better on-board controls making it a better pick.

Belkin Wemo light switch dimmer allows you to control lights through an app in your smartphone over a wireless connection.

This smart home light switch can be activated in both ways: thru a smart app or a standard push button switch.

Turn On or Off your lights anywhere in the world from the installed app within your internet-connected iPhone or Android smart devices.

Belkin WiFi light switch is capable to schedule when you want your lights to turn on or off. Whether you want it on as sunset goes down, or off as dawn breaks. This allows you to save in electricity with an efficient scheduling.

Are you worried about burglars who wanted to break-in your home when you are away in vacation, business trip or working at office?

Worry no more as this best smart light switch has the ability to turn on/off in random patterns to simulate like someone is inside the house. This will deter criminals to mark you as their next target.

Wemo is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home light switch. It grants you the convenience of voice-activated commands to turn your lights on or off.


  • Positive feedbacks for its 3rd party apps customer support.
  • Efficient apps interface, function and integration allowing you to be creative with your smart lights.
  • Setup and installation will be a breeze with an easy-to-follow guides.


  • Dedicated to Belkin bridge only thus not compatible with Apple homekit.
  • Requires installation of neutral wire to allow control to multiple lights.


Belkin Wemo allows you to automate your light switching from anywhere in the world through your Apple or Android compatible smart mobile phones. It is within the mid-range price but works effectively after an easy installation setup.

The Nest cam is a multi-functional wireless outdoor security camera with an All-in-One package for home surveillance, motion detection, speaker and mic integration, alert notifications and photo capture.

Nest security camera system is beautifully designed as well as sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather.

Use Nest WiFi security camera sparingly either to monitor your kids as they go to school or coming back to your home. Perfect also to see when your expected delivery package has arrived to your house’s front door.

You can also use Nest smart camera to deter suspicious individuals who might sneak in your residence. Its integrated mic and speaker system are useful to scare off burglars as they attempt to trespass.

Nest video camera outdoor has smart sensing program that alerts you whenever it has detected loud sounds such as boom or a window glass break-in. The Nest cam video monitor automatically takes photo of that event and then temporarily store it in Sightline app for your reference.

The best feature of wireless home security is its ecosystem with other Nest products such as smart light bulbs, dryer or washer. Each smart things can communicate to each other, collect information about their status and then reacts accordingly with respect to how you setup them.


  • Well-known for its highly effective motion sensing capabilities
  • Captures high quality photos and videos.
  • Grants you autonomy, flexibility and convenience with its geofencing and scheduling features.


  • Requires relatively strong internet connection to achieve optimum operation.
  • Their monthly subscription plans might not be appealing due to its high cost.


Nest outdoor camera is among the best choices for your security needs. With its cool modern design and exceptional functionalities, you will not go wrong with choosing this product. But, you have to keep in mind with your regular monthly subscriptions as they will hit your budget.

Skybell HD WiFi video doorbell monitors live video of visitors outside your home using front door camera WiFi.

Regardless whether a visitor presses the doorbell button or not, this wireless doorbell camera connected to smartphone will send alerts to family members who installed its software app as soon as the motion sensor detects the person.

An integrated doorbell with camera, speaker and mic allows you to remotely talk to your visitor using your smart device through the install app without actually opening your doors. This provides an additional home security especially when dealing with strangers.

This best smart doorbell security camera captures crisp 1080 Full HD quality with 5x zoom live videos or photos in either daylight or nighttime.

Tired of pressing the your apps? Use Amazon Alexa to command SkyBell with your own voice. Tell your smart video doorbell “Record Video”, “Take Photo”, or “Turn-off Chime”.


  • Enjoy the free video storage for future playback retrievals.
  • Impress with its Full HD high quality videos and photo captures.
  • Be dazzled with its color night vision capabilities.
  • Highly compatible with most of home automation system platform integrations.


  • Does not provide activity record logging.
  • Lacks the ability for web browsing experience.
  • Relatively sophisticated software application settings.


SkyBell video doorbell tops in the market choice being the industry leader for many years. This product delivers excellent and reliable results plus with great modern designs. Today it is considered to be the best smart doorbell in the market.

Buying Guide Home Automation System 2019

Are you the curious ones who want to know about home automation and how it works to make your home more relaxed and livable?

If so, you are at the right place to know all about it!

Every year, more and more users are realizing that home automation systems have something to offer to everyone.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation is the use of a computer to control the basic functions at your home. It controls features sometimes automatically or remotely.

A home with automation is called a “smart home.”

Using home automation, you get access to a control device which is mobile and can be used anywhere in the world. The term is generally used for programmable devices like sprinkler systems or thermostats, however, it’s more like a home where everything including lights, home appliances, heating and cooling systems, electrical outlets etc. are hooked within a controllable network.

From your home security purposes, your alarm system, windows and door locks, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors and other sensors similar to these are linked to it.

How Home Automation Systems Work?

Home automation is a simple concept which is now widely used by people. As mentioned above it’s a system of networked and controlled devices which are made to make your home more comfortable, secure and efficient. The system works effectively and is easy to understand.

You “SPEAK” with your home through a smart device. If you have a high degree of automation, you may have all your automated device accessible on one smart device making it easier for you to have everything just a touch away.

The range of controls you have depends on the purpose of the device. Since controls just allow you to turn the device on and off while others may get triggered by some external events. The good news for today’s user is that they can pick and choose the characteristics and features of home automation that they are looking for to make a great home.

Why Do We Need Home Automation System?

Why do you need it? Well, who doesn’t like a little bit of ease in doing everyday tasks in their hectic routine? Yes, home automation will make it easier for you to do a task around your house easily and from anywhere in the world.

Provides Convenience

With a control device, you will be able to control your household task like turning switches or heat on /off, watering your plants, or watch the feeds. Home automation is set to make your life convenient.

Generates Savings

You can save a lot of money using home automation systems.

For instance, using the automation system for windows, you can ensure that the blinds of your windows are closed in summers to allow you a cooler inner environment even if you are out for the day.

You won’t have to come back to a heated home and wait for the cooling system to start cooling.

Promotes Safety

An automated locking system will take away those worries from you. Instead of giving out physical keys to someone, keyless entry systems allow you to arrange for visitors to enter your home with a specific code.

Once they used the access to your home and it’s no longer needed, you can delete the code. This is just one example among many of how this amazing system can help you feel safe anywhere.

Ensures Home Security

The home security is one of the most significant things. Home automation can create a secure home. Let’s say that you have house guests, to provide them the freedom to come and go, you give them with a code for their stay. In this way, you will know who was there at your place even if you are away.

Nurtures Eco-Friendly

Home automation will make your home run more resourcefully. With more owners in quest of ways to achieve green homes, it’s no surprise that automated devices have emanated to fill that needs.

Allows Peace of Mind

Knowing what’s going in your home while you are away from holidays or have an official trip somewhere, will definitely allow you to have sense of peace. You will know that your home is secure and safe so that you can work with a peace of mind.

Encourages Learning for Kids

Home automation is a great addition to your homes if you have kids. With its exciting features and functions, kids will get to learn a lot about things as well as technology.

Stimulates Family Time

When you have no stress about your home and its security and safety, you get to spend more time with your loved ones.

You can plan vacations, spend quality time on picnics, arrange for a party at home for friends and a lot more.

Using these systems, you will feel more encouraged to spend time with your loved ones.

Who Used The Home Automation?

Once upon a time, these devices were pricey and hard to use. Today with the investment of high-end brands focusing on user experience, they know that the consumer isn’t concerned in products which makes them work to use it.

That’s good news. Here, in the deeper world of home automation, you will see that home automation is right for you. And it’s cost-effective as well for home users to get a sense of peace and security even miles away.

What Devices Work With Alexa?

Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant also known as Alexa is known to do a lot from playing music to responding to trivia questions.

Sure, Alexa has lots of skills!

However, it can be used to regulate a huge range of smart-home devices. Whether you have an Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Tap— or any other Alexa-enabled device, you can control your home with this Amazon’s assistant.

Imagine walking home with arms overflowing with groceries. To turn lights on, you’d be required to put the bags down, find the lights control you want, and then tap on it. However, with an Amazon Echo and Alexa, you can simply say, “Alexa, turn on the lights.”

It’s not just the lights. Alexa is proficient in regulating everything from basic smart plugs, garage doors, kitchen appliances, garden sprinklers to managing your home security.

How Much Does It Cost To Automate a Home?

The cost of your home automation system varies depending on the features you selected to use and their class. Your home automation system can consist of only security system or can have a whole lot of controls which you can automate from your smart device.

The average home automation system entails remote monitoring, smart thermostats, and smart lights, plus security features like cameras as well as smoke detectors. Most people pay roughly $1,000 per room that they automate, with a lot of customization.

If you’re not ready to go fully automated, there are many small ways to begin automating your home. Some small automated areas include:

  • Smart lights
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Coffee makers which turn on automatically before you wake up
  • Smart blinds
  • Garage door sensors
  • Smart door locks

These small additions will help you save a lot of money as well as will let you get to know what it’s like to have an automated home.

Improvement and Upgrading Costs

Everyone wants to improve and upgrade their living standards. Same goes for people who are aging in a place or are disabled, the home automation devices can assist them to perform daily tasks easily. The cost for these devices begins at around $600.

The convolution of a system will affect the cost of your automated system as well as your bills. Lights are often either on or off, except if you have dimmers. Systems like showers necessitate precise settings thus more expensive to automate.

Installation Costs

Some of the automated systems are easier to use and install, therefore you can install them yourself whereas, and some need to have a professional install your system. It may cost you around $85 an hour to get your system installed and working effectively.

Most homeowners prefer to install plug-in systems in their homes but it’s best to have a professional install the hard-wired systems so that you can enjoy the great experience of having an automated home.

Keeping the facts and pros and cons of an automated home in mind, it’s not useless to say that there are numerous benefits to using home automation and smart technology. With numerous customers all around the world, automated technology is getting better with time.

The one time cost may seem a bit too much for some of the homeowners, but those who are using smart and automated technology, well, they are saving a lot more with lower energy costs, security, peace of mind and time-saving.

Best Rated Home Automation System 2019

nest-learning-thermostat-3rd-generation-home-automationNest Learning Thermostat4.5 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
RainMachine Touch HD-12RainMachine Touch HD-124.4 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Nest Cam Outdoor Security CameraNest Security Camera4.2 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Honeywell-RTH9580WF-WiFi-ThermostatHoneywell RTH9580WF Thermostat4.1 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button

The advantages of smart technology and home automation will last and grow as technology develops into additional features of home ownership. Take your first step to have the best home automation system 2019. All you will be needing is planning and it to be done carefully. Enjoy living with smart technology!

Will you be interested to turn your home into a smart home one of these days? Let us know what you think of this technology by leaving a comment below.

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