Best Bookshelf Stereo Systems 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

Taken from a famous quote “If you are a huge lover of going to home music gatherings and having that experience of people in the room.”

When you go to this kind of events, even if the music is great, but stereo systems are not, then you should not stay.

To me, it is a priceless happiness to create great sounds no matter what you do to actually reach it. The real evils are always when you have a poor sound. This product review will guide you to choose your best bookshelf stereo systems for 2019.

Best Bookshelf Stereo Systems 2019 List

Output PowerWeight (lbs)Dimension (in) 
LG CM4550700W30.610.7 x 29 x 12
Check Price
Sharp XL-BH25015.7
6.9 x 12.4 x 9.5
Check Price
Bose Wave ST 414.614.5 x 8.7 x 19.3
Check Price
Blackweb BWA16AA002100W7.09.7 x 20.1 x 12.9
Check Price
Innovative Technology50W15.0
11.2 x 19.4 x 11.5
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GPX HC221B2.87.6 x 7.1 x 3.9
Check Price
Jensen Wall2 x 1W RMS5.012 x 7 x 10.3
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Yamaha MCR-B020BL15W
7.011.9 x 11 x 5.6
Check Price
Pioneer X-CM56B15W
12.57.8 x 9.4 x 5.1
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Top Shelf Stereo Systems in 2019

The LG Electronics CM4550 is a stereo bookshelf system which comes with a default sub-woofer avoids the gap between songs of different genre. The 700 Watt has the ability to produce top quality sound. The user does have the option to stream live music.

The Bluetooth allows you to seamlessly stream the music either from a smart phone or a tablet. It can be accessed through the music library. This product consists of two major ports where you can access and enjoy multiple songs at a time.

It is extremely useful for those who are scouting for deep bass and superior sound quality. The sub-woofer produces powerful surround sound when placed inside a garage or a hall.


  • It is currently one of the top LG's bookshelf audio system which have the capacity to generate powerful surround sound. It is an ideal electronic device to be used while organizing major events such as parties and wedding ceremonies.
  • The in-built USB inputs are very convenient and useful to transfer the files from one drive to another.
  • A very high-quality surround sound with a strong bass.
  • The texture, style and colors are exceptional.
  • It is compatible on platforms including Android.
  • You can even record the music from various inputs such as CD, AUX and even FM Radio.
  • It features several formats like MP3, WMA, CD and CD-R.
  • The 230W*2 front speaker along with two-hundred and forty sub-woofer has a remarkable output power.
  • You can swap between radio stations.
  • The two-way front speaker allows you to develop a robust and spirited soundscape.
  • Customization option is also available.
  • Equalizer settings comprises pop, jazz, natural, samba, and treble bass.
  • One of the major highlights of this device is that it does not even require a wire to plug-in. This product can be easily paired with an LG High-Definition TV through Bluetooth.
  • It ultimately declutters the cable wires located under the Television set.
  • The LG mini stereo system has a CD player where you can easily switch over to your favorite song as and when required.


  • One of the major hitches with respect to LG Electronics CM4550 is that it is not compatible with Near-Field-Communication.
  • The user is required to browse through the internet in order to get familiar with this product.
  • Most of the inputs do not produce adequate sound especially when it is connected to the TV. There are no voices except for the background music.
  • The product does not have an earphone jack.


Even though LG Electronics CM4550 is worth the price, it has few drawbacks while setting up the sound or EQ system. It is bit complicated to adjust the frequency. Apart from that, it is a wonderful device which I would definitely recommend for your usage.

Sharp XL-BH250 Speaker Shelf System

The Sharp XL-BH250 5-Disc is a stereophonic speaker system which comprises 40 equalizer presets. This product comes with a Digital AM/FM Tuner that syncs with playback formats like CD-RW, CD-R, WMA and even MP3. You can easily switch over to your favorite songs whenever required. It is compatible with your Bluetooth devices such as Android and Apple.

The package includes headphone output and a remote control. You can harness it for multiple entertainment purposes since it has a 5-CD changer, digital player and a radio.  Setting-up your channels is made easier with the availability of forty presets. The 2 main channel speakers have an audio-line in and a USB port.

The audio outputs consist of head phones. It has a decent sound quality which allows you to listen and enjoy to their favorite music. With the help of a remote control, you can seamlessly operate Sharp XL-BH250 from longer distances. Wireless headphones can be easily paired with the device.

Its USB Flash drive enables you to play any music of their choice. It has a deep bass and an excellent sound quality. It is a compact stereo system and very convenient to place in your bathrooms and even on small shelves. Old Classical and Jazz genres can be converted into MP4.

There is a wide gap between the speakers and the base unit of the device. The speakers have 6-ohms impedance which produces high quality sound. It works well even in bathrooms. There are two separate antennas for both FM and AM as well.


  • It has a sleek stunning design.
  • You can program or sort the songs as per the order of the CD's.
  • The classic design of the device blends well with the furniture.
  • The remote control enables you to operate from distances with ease.
  • It is best suited even for older generations to listen to some of their greatest collections of all times.
  • Those individuals who wish to load multiple CD's at a time, this device could be an ideal option for them.
  • You can use Sharp XL-BH250 for playing back ground music.
  • It is an ideal option especially for those searching for multiple CD players.


  • Since the instructions manual is very tough to grasp. You need to seek help from the tech support to clear the problems.
  • Sharp XL-BH250 is not user-friendly. You have to constantly depend upon the instructions in order to operate it.
  • It is not capable of tracking radio stations.
  • In order to extend length of the wire, extra heavy gauge wire is required to pair with existing wires.

Bose Wave Music System IV

The Bose wave soundtouch music system is compatible on Bluetooth devices and home Wi-Fi networks. It generates realistic sound. It is extremely versatile that you can play music of various genres. Internet radio stations and live streaming music can be operated with the latest version of Sound Touch Application.

It offers easy access to music services like Pandora and Spotify. The product produces superior quality surround sound from the ultra-modern speakers.

You have the option to choose from variety of entertainments including music, listening to radio talks and sounds of nature. Bose Wave Sound Touch has multiple offers such as iHeartRadio and Pandora. The user must create an account in order to access it.


  • The user can seamlessly access their favorite radio stations since it comes with a six station equalizer presets.
  • The Sound Touch app is compatible on various mobile applications such as Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop PC.
  • It is a portable device where you can enjoy listening to music while going outdoors.
  • Listen to a range of music streamed through Internet radio and music services such as Spotify and Pandora.
  • Customizing options are also available where you can create your own music library.
  • Another major highlight of Bose Wave Sound Touch is its convertibility.
  • Mobile platforms like Smart Phone and Tablet can be transformed into a remote control.
  • It allows you to set-up organize and fine-tune the music from longer distances.
  • Most-liked radio stations and albums can be kept on standby with six equalizer presets.
  • A convenient and smooth snooze control to set-up alarms.
  • It can be easily paired with an Ethernet cable.
  • An external antenna can be attached with the FM/AM radio.
  • Audio outputs include headphone jack and an excellent head set.
  • It has a decent sound quality.
  • Bose wave music system manual consists of twenty-five pages, is printed in a readable format.
  • A well- balanced layout.
  • The latest version has an enhanced Wi-Fi performance and it works well with on Bluetooth devices.
  • Bose Wave Sound Touch's bass can be adjusted according to the user's needs and preferences.
  • Music can be downloaded or played directly through I Tunes Library with the Sound Tech Systems.
  • No external equipment’s are required to access the music albums.
  • It comes with a strong pedestal base.


  • One of the major hitches with respect to Bose Wave Sound Touch is that it does not receive Sirius via Wi-Fi.
  • You are required to synchronize through a Bluetooth device.

Blackweb BWA16AA002 Shelf Stereo System

Blackweb BWA16AA002 is a shelf stereo system, which has the capacity to generate very high quality surround sound. This product usually comes with a Digital FM radio and a remote control. The stereo speaker works well on Bluetooth devices. Also it can be easily connected to Android platforms such as Samsung Galaxy S6 and S8.


  • The FM Radio has a decent and crystal-clear sound quality.
  • The performance of radio stations, CD and BT are very good.
  • Blue light glows automatically whenever the speaker is in active mode.
  • It has an excellent deep bass and it is worth the price.
  • Its equalizer settings are excellent.
  • The bass can be adjusted by downloading Google equalizer app from the app store.
  • You can easily swap between various modes such as FM radio, AUX, Blue tooth and CD.
  • It has a default CD player where you can sit back and listen to your favorite music albums.
  • Streaming live music can be executed wirelessly through Blackweb BWA16AA002.
  • To enhance the blue tooth audio signal, consider attaching an external wire to the existing antenna.


  • It is not possible to plug two wire speakers. The total length of the speaker cable is only about four feet.
  • Blackweb BWA16AA002 has a limited capacity. It can hold only single CD at a time rather than multiple CD's.
  • Even though an earphone jack is not available, it has a line-in jack to connect I Phone and Android phones.
  • The LED lights produce unnecessary sounds while dimming it.
  • A loud noise/static is generated whenever it is dimmed.
  • It is quite difficult to detect the radio station on the display screen.
  • The drivers need to be uninstalled and re-boot PC in order to use Bluetooth.
  • Since the length of the antenna is long, one has to be extremely skillful while mounting it.
  • The speakers are automatically distorted whenever the bass is boosted using an EQ app.
  • A very high-pitched static is produced while playing various genres like pop and jazz.
  • Another major drawback of this Blackweb BWA16AA002 is that it has an MP3 format.

Innovative Technology Classic Retro

Innovative Technology Classic Retro is a shelf stereo system that comes with a default Bluetooth. It allows the users to play and listen to their favorite music from Bluetooth enabled devices. One of the unique features of this music system is that it does not require external cords. Apart from that, it comprises an in-built CD player and a remote control.

It has a crystal clear sound. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite songs even at high volumes. Those individuals who are scouting for suitable stereo system for home or office may choose Innovative Technology Classic Retro. You can tune into more than five distant radio stations through the FM tuner.


  • It is a portable device, which is very convenient to handle and transport to longer distances.
  • The Dual VU meters and speaker grills can be detached as and when required.
  • There are about twenty Equalizer presets with glowing backlit LCD screen. It is very useful in tracking your favorite radio stations.
  • The 3.5 MM Aux-In allows you to play music from Bluetooth non-enabled devices.
  • The speakers are fully covered. However, you can remove it to uncover the silver ring.
  • You may go through the product manual to get familiar with its installation process.
  • It's smooth, stylish and classic architecture is very convenient to stream live music from Bluetooth enabled devices.
  • Innovative Technology Classic Retro's technology is a user-friendly device.
  • There are about twenty equalizer presets and a default FM Radio.
  • Audio customizing options are also available.
  • The 3.5 mm jack is compatible on various platforms including MP3 players and Desktop PC.
  • All the Vinyl records can be played with the help of a turntable.
  • Innovative Technology Classic Retro has a deep bass and high-quality surround sound.
  • The bass, treble and balance can be fine-tuned.
  • The speaker grills can be removed whenever needed.
  • Dual VU meters allow the user to switch between their favorite music.
  • With its sleek design, it is perfectly suitable for office establishments and households.
  • The turntable, which has a built-in USB encoding, is capable of converting vinyl records to MP3.
  • Sub-woofer can be easily paired with Innovative Technology Classic Retro.


  • Innovative Technology Classic Retro does not have speaker covers.
  • The quality control should be improved.
  • Remote control has to be pointed straight to infrared receiver in order to receive audio signals.
  • Sound of the mid-range speaker distorts when it is adjusted to 3/4 volume.
  • One of the hitches with respect to Innovative Technology Classic Retro is that it can hold only single CD player.

GPX HC221B Stereo System for Home

GPX HC221B Compact CD player is a firm and convenient stereo system for home which has a 3.5 mm AV input and 3.5 mm audio input as well. The package consists of a CD player, a remote control which requires 2 AAA batteries to operate it. The customers have to gently handle the package especially while unboxing the remote control.


  1. With its remote control, the user can seamlessly organize and operate the CD’s even from longer distances.
  2. A removable stereo speaker with deep bass enables you to customize and enhance their music listening experience.
  3. GPX HC221B can be easily paired to the line input of an MP3 player.
  4. An ideal music device which perfectly suits (fits) any corner of the household especially on your bookshelves.
  5. The CD-player features CD, CD-R/RW with multiple options for disc playback.
  6. With its in-built antennas, the user can listen to some of their favorite songs through AM/FM radio stations.
  7. The 3.5 mm audio input can be directly plugged to an MP3 player or external devices.
  8. A flexible device allowing the user to comfortably place it on bookshelf or a desktop.
  9. Technology driven with a warranty period of more than thirty years.


  • You can listen to some of their favorite songs through AM/FM radio stations or via external MP3.
  • This portable GPX HC221B has a powerful bass boost system which is capable of adjusting the bass levels according to the user’s needs.
  • A single alarm is also available to wake up to your music or radio.
  • It is compatible on platforms like iPod.
  • The bass levels can be fine-tuned to improve the quality of music.
  • Switch between radio stations through AM/FM Radio.
  • Additional features include a blue digital LCD clock to set-up alarm and wake up to the CD.
  • GPX HC221B has a durable battery back-up which never drains.
  • AM/FM radio picks up the signals quickly.
  • Additional stereo line-in can be paired with either iPod or TV to play music.
  • The speaker has two ports located on either side without extra power cables.
  • Owing to limited length of the speaker cables, extension might be required by purchasing additional audio lines.


  • Product packaging requires improvement.
  • The average length of the external cords for speakers is very short.
  • CD players do not function properly at regular intervals.
  • Plenty of distorted noises while testing CD alarm.
  • A Whirring sound is generated whenever CD is ready to play.

Jensen Portable Stereo Speaker System

Jensen Stereo System Vertical Loading CD player has a bright blue LCD display screen. It comes with an auxiliary input jack allowing you to connect to various platforms such as MP3 and iPod along with Digital Audio Players.

Jensen Wall Mountable has a random play functionality where the user can loop or skip the songs. The package includes a remote control, digital alarm clock and head-phone jack.


  1. It is a portable and flexible device enabling user to carry and hang it against the walls or your shelves.
  2. You can easily pair it with an iPod if required.
  3. The alarm clock wakes you up to music, radio and alarm.
  4. An ideal system especially for a budget conscious customer.
  5. Those who are scouting around e-commerce portals for a decent sound quality must choose this product.
  6. It is also a perfect gifting option for your friends and relatives.


  • Jensen CD player manual contains a separate section for troubleshooting. The user may go through step-by-step instructions on how to trace and rectify the issues.
  • CD-Player can be used for multiple purposes including read and read/write CD's.
  • The wall mountable feature has a default readable display screen.
  • It has an additional input jack to pair with iPod and MP3.
  • With its stereo receiver, forwarding, skipping and swapping songs can be seamlessly executed.
  • You can either loop a single song or the whole play list.
  • Random music option is also available.
  • The stereo headphone jack can be used to enjoy one's favorite songs via head phones.
  • The excellent architecture of Jensen Wall Mountable guarantees a realistic musical experience for the users.
  • Deep booming voice produced by the device reverberates around the garage.
  • Compact, crisp and top-quality sound even suits the bathroom and kitchen.


  • The bass needs to be improved despite top quality and crisp surround sound.
  • Difficulty in mastering the Jensen clock radio CD.
  • Experiencing troubles with reading the time display when is Jensen speaker is inactive.
  • Remote control needs to be pointed straight to the audio signal.
  • Activating Jensen Wall Mountable by resorting to standby button.
  • Average life-span or in short durability is very short.
  • Poor-quality signals while swapping FM radio stations.
  • Size of the remote control is small. As a result, chances of mis-placement or losing are very high.
  • Not suitable for users who are looking for less brightness in their rooms.
  • Constant issues with display screen.

Yamaha MCR-B020BL Micro Component System

Yamaha MCR-B020BL is a stereo system which has a frequency rate ranging from 20 Hertz to 20 KHertz. It comes with a Bluetooth audio receiver to stream wireless. An auxiliary input is also available allowing you to connect to external electronic devices such as Desktop PC and MP3 players.

The package containing three components is neatly covered in foam sheets. Those people who are searching for a decent and compact stereo system to suit patio rooms may chose this product.


  • A USB port is available to charge mobile devices.
  • The package includes a remote control.
  • Yamaha MCR-B020BL is compact stereo system and user-friendly which can be installed in office and household bookshelves.
  • With its MCR B020 feature, diverse songs of various genres are supported.
  • Experience the wireless playback option with mobile devices like Smart Phone and Tablet PC.
  • Aux-in terminal allows you to pair the device with Desktop PC and Digital Audio Players.
  • Charging smart phones and tablets is made easier with the built-in USB port.
  • Sleek and stunning architecture of Yamaha MCR-B020BL is a perfect match for interiors.
  • Enhanced music listening experience with its removable speakers.
  • Enjoy the deep bass and music playback with its amazing drive unit.
  • Instructions manual is written in a clear, precise and accurate format.
  • Intuitive remote controls.
  • Yamaha MCR-B020BL features a self-tune memory providing access to numerous FM radio stations.
  • It is extremely easy to adjust the equalizer's presets with its auto-tune facility.
  • Skipping, forwarding play-list option is available.
  • Equalizer feature automatically fine tune the treble and bass.
  • Attractive value for an excellent product.
  • Crisp and fine sound quality when compared to JBL Bluetooth speakers.
  • A highly sensitive volume controls when played at low volumes.
  • Fine-tuning the volume without interrupting work flow of the fellow beings.
  • Exception reception when placed in garage. The sound reverberates around the place.
  • Three band equalizer produces a higher bass.


  • The CD player cannot be utilized to either read or write CD's.
  • Considerable effort required in lifting the speakers and primary unit.
  • Remote control is required to tune or adjust the radio settings.
  • Tuning is impossible if the remote is misplaced or battery drains.
  • You have to set the equalizer to -10 for a decent sounding bass.
  • Slight variations in treble frequencies of the CD player. But it is not audible to common man.
  • For highs and lows, you need to switch over to Jazz.
  • Poor sound quality when swapped to FM radio stations.
  • Yamaha MCR-B020BL harnesses mid-range speakers for producing natural sound.
  • There is no option to switch over to stereo rather than mono.

Pioneer X-CM56B Mini Stereo System

Pioneer X-CM56B is mini stereo system, which has a default Bluetooth wireless streaming. The speakers can be placed in any directions. The device consists of an in-built alarm clock and a well-programmed timer. Pioneer X-CM56B is ideal especially for those who are traveling to longer distances. A convenient product, which can be placed comfortably on small bookshelf.


  • Pioneer X-CM56B is beautifully designed with an excellent wood grain finish making it ideal for interiors.
  • Ease-of-useInstallation process of X-CM65B is very easy owing to its flexibility.
  • Compact and supportive features including default Bluetooth wireless technology and FM radio stations.
  • Device is compatible on all major mobile platforms such as smart phones, digital audio players and even Desktop PC's.
  • With its NFC functionality, wireless set-up of the above-mentioned electronic gadgets is simplified.
  • Pairing is quicker than ever before.
  • Bluetooth auto connect feature allows the user to enjoy their favorite music and switch between radio stations.
  • Pioneer X-CM56B requires only initial pairing for automatic connection.
  • Bluetooth standby functionality instantly activates wireless playback even in off position.
  • Support arrays of audio formats like AM/FM radio, USB and CD.
  • High quality and deep bass are generated from amplifiers containing output of 30 watts.
  • Pioneer X-CM56B has limited power consumption due to its amazing standby power feature.
  • The power-off functionality instantly changes to standby mode when not active.
  • Prompt delivery of the products before the scheduled date.
  • Intuitive and handy remote controls featuring arrays of equalizer pre-sets.
  • Product manual is written in precise, accurate and readable format.
  • It is very easy to install with its crystal clear step-by-step instructions.
  • Additional speaker cables are included in the package.
  • Pioneer X-CM56B has a decent frequency range when played from longer distances.
  • Bluetooth pairing and speaker installation can be executed with ease.


  • Advance Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) should be compatible with Bluetooth devices.
  • FM radio fails to receive signals from the stations but picks up well in external platforms.
  • The overall quality of the speaker is average.
  • It is not a recommended music system for an audiophile.
  • Tuner response from the remote controls needs to be improved.
  • All the buttons are very small and not clearly labeled.
  • One of the major setbacks is that it has only a single CD player.
  • Volume should be adjusted to below one or two in order to be audible.
  • When volumes are set to either 8 or 9, sound is weak and barely audible.
  • Pioneer X-CM56B frequently produces muffled tones and voices.
  • Speaker's equalizer adjustments are not sufficient to eliminate harsh and tinny music.

Stereo Systems Buying Guide

There are three common things in all shelf stereo system: speakers, AV receiver, and a source, but that’s as far as the similarity goes because they can be so different in terms of design, features and of course, prices. As such, you need to be sure of what you need in a stereo system to avoid disappointments.

The good news though, is that you are not restricted to buying a pre-packed system. If you like a wireless speakers, but not the receiver, you can always buy them separately. This gives you a chance to match what you feel is the perfect combination, but this is not to say that pre-packed systems are not good.

In fact, they might make the best choice for those who don’t have all the time to test each component separately as they have been tested and matched by the manufacturers accordingly.

So, how do you go about selecting the right stereo system for your needs? Rather, what considerations should you make when choosing one?

Your needs first

What are you looking to achieve with a stereo system? How often do you plan on using it? If you need it for easy listening, then a pre-packed system will be a good choice. But, if you’re passionate about music, you might want to take your time and do a deeper testing of separate components to get the perfect match for great sound quality.

In a nutshell, when considering your needs, you should answer: how often you will be using the system if you need a system for critical listening, who else will be using it and how you rate their music listening, and finally, how you will be using the system. Is it for music, video games, movies or TV sound? Once you answer these questions, you will be ready for the next critical step.

What’s your budget range?


One thing to note is that separate components might cost more than pre-packaged systems. But, the price difference is justifiable by the sound quality you get. Thus, have two choices at this point.

One, to choose a stereo system based on your needs or two, to choose one based on your budget range. The best choice should meet your needs and still be within your budget range. Lucky for you, systems come in various price ranges and you can’t lack several that fall in your range.

Where will you shop for your system?

After establishing your budget range and your needs, now it’s time to figure out who will meet them perfectly. Just as with anything else, stereo systems will have different prices in different shops so do some comparisons before buying. 

Again, there are other considerations, to make when choosing where to shop: available brands, their demonstration facilities, how knowledgeable the staff are, and if they offer installation services.

And, if you are not satisfied or the information you are getting from the various stores is not enough to convince you that you are making the best choice, go to an audio consultant. Do not be in a hurry to buy a system because you might realize later that it’s not meeting your needs or maybe you could have bought it at a better price.

Purchasing online

Currently, you can buy almost anything from the internet and this has made life easier for most of us. However, is the idea of buying a stereo system online the best?


From an experience, the internet is a good place to do your research and see what people are saying about the various brands. Again, if you have been using a certain system and you want to buy another one, online buying might work perfectly.

However, if you are looking for an upgrade, I’d say you walk in the shop, see the various systems available, touch them, and test then buy. The problem with relying on online stores is that sometimes features come out differently than the descriptions.

Again, your judgment of certain features might be different from anyone else’ so the customer reviews might not be all that reliable.

What to expect when shopping online?

One, the prices might be lower than in shops thanks to lower overhead costs. Thus, one trick used by most buyers is to visit physical shops, do the testing and find out the best system for them then head online and find the best deal and order.

But, ensure that you are buying your system from an authorized website. Otherwise, the manufacturer will void the warranty. And, do some research on their reputation and most importantly, their customer services.

Selecting separate components

If you go with the pre-packaged option, the selecting process will be easier and quicker. On the other hand, those who wish to buy separate components might have some more work.

Where do you start with separate components selecting?

Always start with the speakers. Once you have the right speakers, you are almost guaranteed of a perfect sound quality. Again, you cannot know what amplifier power to choose if you don’t have the speakers yet.


The best way to choose a speaker is to listen to the sound it produces. This is because we all have our own listening preferences and what a salesperson might recommend as the best might not sound so to you. And, when listening, don’t go for new songs. Instead, take your music discs with you and listen to them instead. That familiarity helps you make a better judgment.

Again, don’t be in a hurry. Of course, if you went for separate components it’s because you are looking for something specific. And most of the time, the search will take time. Compare various speakers until you find one that satisfies your ears. Plus, you don’t have to have all the knowledge of speakers to get the best. Just trust your ears. Once you get the speaker, getting the amplifier will be easy.

Other considerations

Type of music

What type of music do you listen to mostly? It’s easier to overlook this, but you might be surprised to realize that some music sounds better in one stereo system than another. In fact, when going out to buy your system, test it with the type of music you love. This way, you will get a reality of what to expect.

Size of your room

When it comes to stereo systems, the size of the room matters. And, you know that you are dealing with a knowledgeable sales person if this is the first question they ask you. Truth is, the size of your room will greatly determine the type of speakers you can buy in terms of size and shape because of positioning.


Some speakers require some free space for better performance while others still perform perfectly even when against the wall. Luckily, there are so many options to choose and this need not stress you. Remember to check the recommended distance from the walls to avoid going with the wrong choice.

How loud do you like your music?

Some people like it moderate while others prefer loud music. As such, depending on your preferences, do the volume tests. Also, pay attention to the balance as well as separation. This is important for critical listeners because they like to hear the music exactly how the artist intended.

House Room Décor

Some people don’t care, nevertheless some want their systems to match their house décor. Importantly, you might not be the one who did the décor so this might not even cross your mind while shopping.

Again, you might not really care about matching everything in your house, but your family members might do or even your friends. So, to avoid the constant reminders of how good your system sounds, but it doesn’t blend in with everything else in the house, consider the room décor.

New vs. Old Stereo Systems

Audio & Video: Kenwood M-94 vintage home Hi-Fi Midi stereo from 1990

Some people love vintage while others will go for new at all costs. Debate on the new versus old systems has been around for quite some time now and people seem divided on which way to go since each group claims that theirs is better. To make it easier for you, the sound quality in most new systems is not significantly different from the vintage options, but the new systems have more features. Again, trust your ears. Choose old or new only if it satisfies your ears.

Going for an Upgrade

If you already have a stereo system, but are looking for another one, it’s clear what you have is not meeting your needs. As such, take note of what you don’t like about it and use that to guide your search.


There are so many stereo systems brands and if you have no clue about any of them I’d suggest you do some digging first. The internet has enough information about the various brands and you can also see what buyers are saying about them.

Return & Exchange Policies

Even after all the testing, you might find out that you missed something or some issues might come up after you have already bought and taken your stereo system for home. In such cases, you might want to return the system for a refund or exchange. To ensure that you won’t have a hard time in such situations, ask about the return/exchange policies before buying. Also, pay attention to the warranty, the length and what it covers.

Finally, Make Your Purchase

At this stage, you have made all the necessary considerations and the only thing remaining is for you to buy the best shelf stereo system in 2019 and enjoy your music better. It feels good to make an informed decision and you’re most probably never going to regret it.

Top Rated Shelf Stereo Systems in 2019

Bose-Wave-SoundTouch-Music-System-4Bose Wave Music System IV4.5 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
LG-Electronics-CM4550-shelf-stereoLG Electronics CM45504.3 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Sharp-XL-BH250-Speaker-SystemSharp XL-BH250 Stereo4.3 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Yamaha-MCR-B020BL-Micro-Component-SystemYamaha MCR-B020BL4.3 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
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