Best AV Receiver Under $500 in 2019 Buying Guide & Reviews

The heart of any home audio system is your AV receiver. Finding your perfect receiver is not as easy as most people think, because there are literally hundreds available out there.

When you are searching for the best AV receiver under $500 in 2019, you should consider several important factors.

It is essential to determine which features fit your necessity, personality and budget. Some factors that you need to consider are channel numbers, how many audio and video sources you’ll be using, internet connectivity features, power consumption and even your room’s size.

Every AV receiver models produce distinct sound quality. And of course, the budget you’re willing to shell out will probably have a massive impact in the choice of the device that you’ll decide to buy. Whether it is under $1000, under $500, under $300 or even under $100 (if there exists any good quality systems).

Let me help you with this review and av receiver buying guide in choosing your best audio receiver under 500 in 2019.

Best AV Receiver Under $500 List 2019

ChannelsOutput Power
(6 Ohms, 10% THD)
HDMI Input / Output 
Yamaha RX-V681BL7.2145W6 / 1Check Price
Denon AVRS730H7.1165W6 / 1Check Price
Yamaha RX-V483BL5.1145W4 / 1Check Price
Yamaha RX-V5817.2145W4 / 1Check Price
Yamaha RX-V583BL7.2145W4 / 1Check Price
Yamaha R-N303BL2125W- / -Check Price
Marantz NR15085.1-6 / 1Check Price
Yamaha RX-S601BL5.1125W6 / 1Check Price
Yamaha RX-A670BL7.2145W4 / 1Check Price

Best Budget AV Receiver in 2019

Yamaha RX-V681BL 7.2 Channel MusicCast with Bluetooth

The Yamaha RX-V681BL 7.2-Channel MusicCast AV Receiver with Bluetooth is a mid-range receiver compatible with Dolby Atmos. For its price, the sound quality it offers is nothing short but excellent combined with numerous useful features. The unit has one of the most constant and responsive multi-room systems and comes with a Bluetooth in and out to headphones feature.

The RX-V681BL comes with seven channels and two 90 watts second zone speakers, which is suitable for listening to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X dialogues. The receiver also comes with 6 HDMI ports thus providing support for viewing 4K movies at high-dynamic range.

When it comes to sound quality, the Yamaha RX-V681BL is quite warm making it ideal for brighter speakers. Furthermore, if you have ATMOS height speakers you’ll have a fantastic fully immersive experience as its bass effects contains punch and dialogue has brilliant detail. In terms of music, it’s also just as good as what you would expect from a brand like Yamaha.

You would also enjoy using the MusicCast streaming app as it is very easy to use. The biggest downside of this receiver though is its interface that tends to be confusing and a remote control with too much buttons. But overall, the RX-V681BL is an exceptional AV receiver that should be on your short list, especially if you’re working with DOLBY Atmos.


  • 4K Ultra HD and 3D networks.
  • Surround sound is Dolby Atmos and DTS:X based.
  • It comes with free MusicCast app to easily stream music and access your music library.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, DLNA, AirPlay and Bluetooth wireless connectivity.
  • Zone 2 audio for more system versatility.
  • USB port so you can play the files stored on your flash drives.

The main benefits

Investing in this AV receiver comes with the following advantages:

  • The Dolby Atmos and DTS:X technologies provide a deep and rich multidimensional sound that will your space.
  • You can easily access music from compatible devices like your smartphone thanks to its Bluetooth feature.
  • Have fun watching 4K high-definition video quality without degradation.
  • Sound quality is brilliant complemented with solid features.


  • A wide range of features that you can greatly benefit from including impressive sound quality.
  • Supports the latest technologies like Dolby Atmos and 4K video.
  • You can transmit audio from the unit to sound bars or speakers that are compatible with MusicCast.


  • User interface is a bit difficult to use.
  • It may take a while to get used to using its remote control.


The Yamaha RX-V681BL is an exciting audio and video receiver. The way the unit handles sound effects and bass can satisfy the appetite of every fan of home cinemas. It also has more power and useful features compared to its predecessor, the Yamaha RX-V581. You’ll surely want the RX-V681BL on your AV receiver shortlist.

Denon AVRS730H 7.2 Channel with Built-in HEOS Wireless Technology

The Denon AVR S730H is one of most budget-friendly AV receivers with great features such as multi-room music and 4K and HDR capabilities. It’s a seven channel highly affordable 3d AV receiver that has a fantastic sound quality that Denon is renowned for.

Usually a surround system has audio coming from around you, front and behind, but with Atmos, a layer of sound is added above you. The S-730H is a Dolby Atmos-enabled 7.2 system which allows you to drive seven individual speakers that you can configure in a number of different ways.

For example, you can do a 5.1 system and have a separate audio zones for the other two channels if you choose to do so. If you want to use the Dolby Atmos, then you simply assign those two channels to be Atmos-enabled speakers. You can also create a 7.1 system and since the Denon S730H has two subwoofer outputs and pre-outs, you do two subs as well, and that’s where the 7.2 system comes in.

Home Setup

Setting an AV receiver used to be intimidating, especially for those people who are not that knowledgeable in terms of how to build a home theater. This unit has made it very easy to get involved and engaged into the realm of home theater. The on-screen menu walks you through on how to connect each of your sources. It features 6 HDMI inputs and one output.

It will take anything from 4K to HDR compatible videos, standard videos and HD videos all over an HDMI cable. It’s as simple as one patch into the AV receiver and you’re good to go, it’ll stream audio and video over that single HDMI cable.

Another challenge that the S730H tackled is that when you have a home theater system, every room that you listen to is different. So, you have to measure various distances from your speakers to your listening positions and setup different delay settings to ensure that you’re getting the best audio experience.

Denon’s Audyssey microphone is a fool-proof calibration solution. The on-screen system will have you set this microphone in six different locations throughout your room and it will run its own test pattern, doing all the calculations and measurements for you. It will then equalize your room to optimize the audio. This audio and video receiver comes with other great features that you can find below.


  • 4K and HDR video support.
  • It comes packed with the Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and HEOS technologies.
  • Audissey microphone for calibrating speakers and optimizing system.
  • Dual source output.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and supports AirPlay, SiriusXM and Pandora.
  • Wi-Fi enabled and comes with the free Remote app for use with your Android or iOS smartphones.
  • It has an AM/FM tuner.
  • USB port at its front panel.

The main benefits 

  • Works great with current Blu-ray players and 4K TVs.
  • You will get innovative surround sound combine with an immersive image quality.
  • The perfect AV receiver for people who are on a budget but after quality.
  • Anything that you’d want to input are covered.


  • Affordability matched with quality.
  • Simple to setup with easy to follow on-screen menu.
  • You can automatically calibrate the system.
  • You can directly stream directly from the receiver and to any HEOS-enabled services.


  • Another competitors sound better.
  • The system does not have the capability to use other music apps like Google Cast and Sonos.
  • HEOS is more difficult to use compared so MusicCast and there are times when it does not work it’s supposed to.


The Denon AVR S730H has a superb price with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround system. It’s easy and simple not just to setup but calibrate as well thank to the Audyssey microphone. It can also provide users with a beautiful and immersive experience, though there are competitors that can provide an even better sound quality. Its 4K switching and multi-room features and all other features makes it worth considering to complete your home theater.

Yamaha RX-V483BL 5.1 Channel 4K Ultra HD MusicCast

The Yamaha RX-V483bl 5.1 Channel AV is a mid-range receiver delivering superb sound quality and a decent array of features for your money. It sounds better compared to its Denon S730 equivalent, however, the compromise is this unit does not have many features to boast.

If you’re after Dolby Atmos and a host of HDMI ports, the RX-V483 is not for you. Nonetheless, this audio and video receiver is everything you would expect from Yamaha.

It offers 5 channels of amplification at 80 watts for each channel, and it also includes Yamaha’s MultiCast app, a multiroom system used for streaming music from your smartphone or Pandora over Wi-Fi. In addition, it also offers in and out Bluetooth connectivity.

The downside of the Yamaha RX V483BL though is that it does not have a lot of HDMI inputs, only four to be exact. So, this is not good news if you have a lot of different sources. Most competitors actually offer 6 or even more, but on its defense, it does support 4K and numerous types of HDR including Dolby Vision.

In terms of sound quality, the RX-V483BL is where it has an edge. This AV receiver provides a very lively sound that makes any movie soundtrack pretty exciting. It does a pretty good job when tested with a wide range of speakers, from bright and hard to drive to warm. The company also makes music much more involving than the competition.


The Main Benefits

  • You’ll love listening to any music genre with a well-balanced sound.
  • Enjoy watching 4K high-definition movies without any degradation.
  • Conveniently play music by streaming it from Blu-ray, CDs, etc. from the unit to a pair of Bluetooth headphones, which you can easily pair using its remote.
  • You’ll also get more flexibility when it comes to arranging the speakers in your room.


  • A well-equipped unit that’s built with quality in mind.
  • Detailed and fine sound quality.
  • User-friendly and compact remote control.
  • Very affordable with decent features.


  • It does not an immersive surround sound experience.
  • It only has 4 HDMI inputs.


This audio and video receiver is one of the best options in its price range today. It performs great and is well-equipped. Furthermore, it supports a wide range of audio and video formats combined with a good set of connectivity options. So, if you favor performance over features, the Yamaha RX-483BL 5.1 Channel is the perfect choice for any home cinema enthusiasts on a budget.

Yamaha RX-V581 7.2 Channel x 80 Watts Networking

The Yamaha RX-V581 7.2 Channel is a robust and a well-built AV receiver that’s lighter compared to its rivals from Pioneer and Denon. All the buttons you need at its front-panel are clearly marked but it also comes with a pretty comprehensive remote control.

In addition, you can also control it using the Yamaha app for your smartphone or tablet.

The company never run short on amazing features it can pack to its units for this price point, and the Yamaha RX-V581 is no different. It comes with both the Dolby Atmos for 5.2 configuration and DTS:X. Furthermore, its wireless connectivity includes WiFi, Bluetooth, DNA and AirPlay, giving you plenty of options to stream your music from your compatible devices.

It also supports high-resolution audio files over Wi-Fi, however DST files can only be read via the front-panel USB port. You’ll also get the Yamaha MusicCast app which lets you stream music from the RX-V581 to any Yamaha device you have in your home.

Setting up the RX-V581 is pretty easy, thanks to the YPAO automatic calibration microphone inclusion. You can accurately and quickly measure your room’s acoustic. One of the drawbacks though of the Yamaha RX-V581 is that it lacks connectivity on its back panel with only 4 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output.

This may be enough for most users but for home cinema fans, this might feel a little lacking, especially when its competitors offer 7 or even more HDMI inputs and 2 outputs on this price point. On the brighter side though, it’s capable of playing 4K Ultra HD at 60 fps with HDR pass-through and can relish any action scene you throw at it.


  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
  • Supports Dolby Visio playing HDR and 4K Ultra HD with ease.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and AirPlay connectivity as well as front-panel USB port.
  • YPAO microphone for automatic calibration.
  • 80 watts power on each channel.

The Main Benefits

  • A powerful AV receiver that gives out a dynamic and detailed performance.
  • Offers a fantastic surround system experience with objects precisely and effortlessly sweeping throughout your room.


  • Play 4K Blu-rays without any hiccups.
  • Impressive scale and handles bass brilliantly.
  • Creates a very immersive experience.
  • User-friendly with great features.


  • Some sound effects like shattered glass tend to sound harsher.
  • Mid-range is not quite defined and subtle.


The Yamaha RX-V581 7.2 Channel is definitely an exciting AV receiver. It handles the bass and surround sound in a way that will surely satisfy the appetite of any home cinema fanatic. Although there is some stiff competition, this amplifier’s muscular design and outstanding features can go head to head with its 5-star rivals. It’s certainly worth including in your home cinema shortlist.

Yamaha RX-V583BL 7.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD MusicCast

The Yamaha RX-V583BL is the third in line in the RX series. Although it’s a not at par with the Yamaha RX-V683, it’s still packed with features as you would expect from a company like Yamaha. This amplifier comes with the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X formats for home theater and supports 4K with HDR offering a solid performance.

In terms of design, it is similar to its predecessor, the RX-V581 with the usual buttons and USB port at the front-panel. Its user interface has a simple and very intuitive layout making it easy and quick to navigate.

Furthermore, Yamaha offers a powerful free app that you can download on either your iOS or Android devices, where it allows you to control almost all the amplifier’s settings. You can also fiddle around with its DSP settings to customize its sound for your liking.

The RX-V583’s main drawback is its lack of great connection. The audio and video receiver only come with 3 analog inputs, 2 coaxial and 1 optical. Just like with the other Yamaha amplifiers on this list, this unit only has 4 HDMI inputs as well and a front USB for conveniently playing y9our music. But if your TV is 4K then this is a feature that you can truly enjoy as it delivers 60 fps 4K pass-through with Hybrid Log Gamma and Dolby Vision support.


  • Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.
  • Supports Dolby Visio playing HDR and 4K Ultra HD with ease.
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and AirPlay connectivity as well as front-panel USB port.
  • Internet radio and digital audio playbacks.
  • Analog to HDMI up conversion and HDMI to HDMI scaling.
  • YPAO microphone for automatic calibration of speakers.

The Main Benefits

  • Its built-in Wifi lets you listen to music from your networked computer in addition to other digital music options like AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Wireless Direct for conveniently streaming your music from your tablet or smartphone.
  • Experience a deep and rich music and movie soundtrack.
  • Gives out a combination of meaty bass and midrange performance with clear and clean dialogue.


  • Improves your MP3 and other digital music files’ sound quality.
  • A powerful and affordable addition to your home cinema.
  • Its set of audio and multi-rooms are rather impressive.


  • It has no component inputs.
  • Short of HDMI inputs.
  • It’s better for playing movies than music.


The Yamaha RX-V533BL can turn any room into an impressive home theater. Even though it lacks on the connectivity part and falls just a bit short in the music department, it’s still a powerful amplifier. Plus, it offers a lot of options to customize its settings to get an exciting music and movie sound in your living.

Yamaha R-N303BL  Best Stereo Receiver Under 500

The Yamaha R-N303BL Stereo Receiver takes complete advantage of the company’s 60 years of being one of the leaders in Hi-Fi technology. The amplifier cleverly combines modern day wireless connectivity with the reminiscence of vinyl while providing home cinema enthusiasts with a superb music clarity and quality.

When it comes to design, this stereo receiver system is a practical and elegant machine with its sophisticated brushed black finish.

Furthermore, the R-N303 features MusicCast, which is Yamaha’s multi-room wireless technology which distributes music all throughout your home to other devices that are MusicCast enabled using your existing Wi-Fi connection.

This allows you to have full control of all equipment with just one user-friendly app. In addition, you’ll have instant access to well-known streaming services such as Pandora, Spotify, Deezer, Napster and more.

And with Bluetooth and AirPlay connectivity, you will be able to connect to your smartphones, tablets and computers for streaming music.


  • A wide range of connectivity options which include, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DNLA, AirPlay and Ethernet.
  • It has built-in clock with sleep timers.
  • MusicCast system.
  • It comes with a remote control and DAB antenna.
  • Digital audio and internet radio playbacks.
  • A dedicated phono inputs.
  • Am/FM tuner with amplifier.
  • 4 power transistors.

The Main Benefits

  • Provides excellent performance and versatility without bending your budget.
  • Reproduces music with outstanding clarity and quality.
  • You can wirelessly control everything from a mobile app.
  • You can play either high-res audio files or if you love vintage, from vinyl as well.


  • Budget friendly with great features.
  • Design is simple and yet sophisticated.
  • Wide range of connectivity options.
  • Smooth stereo sound.
  • Easy to setup.


  • Lacks more connections for speakers.


The Yamaha R-N303BL is the perfect audio receiver for any Hi-Fi fanatics, who want to enjoy a wide array of music sources. This practical and handsome unit will give you a brilliant high-performance combined with usefulness and value for money.

Marantz NR1508 Component Receiver

The Marantz NR1508 AV Audio and Video Component Receiver boasts of really beefing up on music streaming. It offers HEOS multi-room music, which basically means you can control various speakers around your home all at once.

Plus, HEOS supports popular music apps like Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio and Amazon Music, but it may not be as useful as the more open PlayFi or Chromecast system.

With regards to connection, the NR1508 includes 6 HDMI ports that are compatible with the current standards for video such as the Dolby Vision HDR. This Marantz AV receiver is under the slim line category, so don’t expect it to be as powerful as the full-size amplifiers. However, it does output 50 watts per channel making it ideal for small spaces and easy to drive speakers.

The unit comes with a user-friendly remote control even if the on-screen menu is quite basic. What you will be getting for its price point is a smaller size amp with an extensive set of features.

Comparing it full-size AV receiver which also has the Dolby Atmos support, it will not quite match the level of immersion it provides. But the NR1508 does sound good, especially when it comes to music and can still give you an outstanding surround sound performance.


  • 5 channel power amp offering 50 watts per channel.
  • 4K 60fps full rate pass-through.
  • 6 HDMI inputs and HDCP 2.2 full support.
  • Dolby True HD.
  • Speaker terminals are color-coded.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with numerous streaming apps like AirPlay, Spotify, Tidal and Pandora to name a few.
  • Front-panel USB port.

The Main Benefits

  • This powerful but discrete AV receiver comes with an intelligent ECO mode for superb sound for both movies and music.
  • ECO mode is great for saving on energy costs. Sound quality will not be compromised even when on power-saving mode.
  • You can also stream audio straight from your TV set using a single HDMI connection.
  • You also don’t have to worry about connection on congested urban areas as it has an advance dual antenna system.


  • Although it’s average it comes with amazing options for connectivity.
  • You can play numerous streaming services.
  • Enjoy music anywhere in your home thanks to HEOS.
  • High-res audio track playing through its USB port.
  • Easy to setup with a user-friendly remote.


  • It may not be powerful enough for some people.
  • Best used in small entertainment hub so if you have a larger space you want to setup, it’s ideal to consider another model or brand.
  • Amplifier can only output 100 watts for every channel to a speaker with 6-ohm.


The Marantz NR1508 AV receiver sounds detailed and can shake smaller listening rooms if needed. If you don’t want or require height speakers in your house and like Marantz’s discreet design, this is one of the best speakers on its category, especially on its price range.

Yamaha RX-S601BL AV Receiver

They Yamaha RX-S601 is a slim machine that you can fit onto your home cinema rack easily with a height short of 5 inches. Don’t be fooled by its sleek design as Yamaha packed it with some of their hottest features, making this AV receiver a good deal for its price.

Just like its predecessors, the Yamaha RX-S601 has 5.1 channels with 60 watts for every channel, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as 4K pass-through. You can use both wired and wireless speakers as it supports almost all wireless solutions for both output and input while streaming your favorite music on your smartphones, tablets and other network devices.

Not only does it allow music streaming from the amplifier via Bluetooth, but it also lets you send audio files from the amp to a pair of compatible Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Aside from AirPlay, it also supports a number of online streaming options like Spotify, vTuner and Pandora.

The RX-S601 offers flexibility as it has the capability to stimulate a 7.1 setup using virtual presence speaker through its Cinema DSP 3D feature. However, since this audio and video receiver is designed to cater small scale speakers, do not expect it to produce the same performance as high-end amplifiers.

Nevertheless, it does come with HDMI output with Audio Return Channel (ARC) and 6 HDMI inputs which allows connection to nearby devices.


  • MusicCast system support.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth plus USB port.
  • Supports AirPlay and other online streaming options.
  • Compressed music enhancer.
  • YPAO for automatic sound calibration.
  • Automatic power off.
  • Digital audio playback.
  • 6 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output.
  • Up to 4K HDMI pass-through.

The Main Benefits

  • You can have the best of both worlds by taking advantage of both your wireless and wired speakers for playing your favorite tunes.
  • An excellent addition to your home entertainment setup, especially if you have limited space as you can fit it into constricted spaces.
  • It’s value for money and will offer you with plenty of options to create an immersive listening experience.


  • It can handle DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD.
  • Supports high-resolution audio files.
  • Firmware is upgradable.
  • Powerful amp packed with features.
  • Sleek design.


  • Offers limited wattage.
  • Made for small-scale speakers, so don’t expect it to be great on large-scale ones.
  • A bit pricey compared to its rivals.


The Yamaha RX-S601 BL AV Receiver is a great solution if you’re after a small setup but needs plenty of power. However, it does come with limited wattage of 60 per channel so you may want to stick to small-scale speakers to get the best performance out of it.

It’s a good buy for those people looking for this kind of setup with tons of music sources to offer. The only drawback of the RX-S601 is its price tag, but what you will be spending on is a compact and sleek design combined with excellent performance.

The Yamaha RX-A670 Aventage AV Component Receiver is a powerful amp created to be the center of any home theater setup. It’s definitely offers one of the finest power outputs in its price point and can power up any speakers in your home theater with ease.

And similar to other amps on the Aventage line of Yamaha, the RX-A670 showcases the advantages of having an AV receiver created with excellent components and circuitry.

This amp with 7.2 channel provides 4K Ultra HD support using 3 diverse HDR video profiles. It also comes with other great features such as Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma in addition to a flexible wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and AirPlay. Furthermore, it boasts the greatest and current audio decoders ensuring you will get the best surround sound experience possible.

What makes the RX-A670 extra special amongst the sea of AV receivers in the market today is the fact that it has one of the highest wattage at 120 watts per channel for 8-ohm and 80 watts per channel for 6-ohm speakers. Although this may not be everything, but it is essential if you have or want to upgrade your home theater speakers.

While most AV receivers get a 100 watts per channel rating, this amp gets 140 watts, giving you enough power to produce theater-level volume sounds.


  • Dolby Atmos, DTS X and Dolby Vision built-in decoders.
  • Virtual Presence speaker and Virtual Surround Back Speaker.
  • 7.2 channel with HDMI to HDMI scaling for up to 4K.
  • 4K HDMI pass-through.
  • MusicCast system.
  • Internet radio and digital audio playbacks.
  • Supports Napster, SiriusXM, Spotify and Pandora.

The Main Benefits

  • An almost non-existent sound distortion which great for increasing music’s pleasure as well as its dynamics and spoken words.
  • You can easily set up an impressive surround sound.
  • Provides quality music in any room in your house using its wireless technology and any compatible device such as your smartphone or tablet.


  • High-quality sound.
  • Free MusicCast app for streaming your music.
  • Reduced unwanted vibrations.
  • It has a green operation that decreases power consumption by around 20%.


  • As most Yamaha AV receivers, it falls short on HDMI inputs at just 4.
  • Long wait for firmware updates.


The Yamaha Aventage RX-A670 is surely top notch and an economical way to experience superior visual and sound performance. Not only does it offer outstanding power output, but it also features all the essential audio decoders that any AV receiver should possess.

Although it falls short on HDMI inputs, it does offer a wide range of legacy outputs and wireless connectivity. But with 2 sub-woofer pre-outs and 5 channels, the RX-A670 will let you enjoy a theater-level sound right at the comforts of your living room.

Video How to Setup AV Receiver

AV Receiver Glossary of Terms

It gives a sub-woofer or loudspeaker power. It can be standalone, part of the audio and video receiver or built right into your speaker cabinet or sub-woofer.

A balanced connector, input or output comes with three conductors, a ground and a couple of out of phase with each other. A balanced line attains a very low noise when using a process called common mode rejection.

These are low frequencies and are usually under 150 Hz.

This refers to the format of wireless streaming that allows for high-res stereo audio streaming.

This is the route where your AV receiver’s audio will go. For example, in a 5.1 channel surround system, there are about 6 channels of audio, right, left, center, sub-woofer, surround right and surround left.

This is any cable that comes with a center hot pin surrounded with a shield and can be used for cable TV or antenna. They are also RCA-type cables used for connecting analogue inputs and outputs on any audio device. It can also mean speakers where a driver is located in the mid of another.

This refers to the difference in the sound’s origin and the point at which it’ll hit your ears. This is basically a distance factor.

The difference between the softest and loudest parts of an audio signal.

This basically refers to speakers that can at least replicate all frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/-6dB.

High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection. This mandatory copy protection developed by movie studios protect their films from piracy.

High-Definition Multimedia Interface. Delivers digital audio and video through a single cable from the source components of your TVs. The latest standard is HDMI 2.0 that supports 4K.

This refers to the cycles per second which indicates frequency.

This is where most of the audio exist.  This is the core of the audio selections, so what you are looking at here is a frequency ranging from 600 Hz to 1.5 kHz.

This is a method of lossy compression that masks details within a signal deemed to be inaudible or avoidable.

This refers to anything that occurs in an audio signal that influences a sound or electrical transmission that’s not a part of the intended recording.

The total amplification that a device will give out when it’s provided with a certain amount of input voltage which are usually in watts. 

These outputs take the pre-amp signal that lets you connect to an amplifier normally found on AV receivers.

A coaxial type of connector that has a single central pin that carries either video or audio info at line level. 

AV receivers serve as a processor and switcher for both audio and video devices.

A component where audio or video signals originate.

Any equipment that take electrical energy and converting it to mechanical energy which can then be heard as a sound. They are either passive or active.

This is basically a loudspeaker specifically manufactured and tuned to take on low frequencies.

This term refers to either power consumption which is the electrical energy it consumes during operation or power output which is the sound energy it produces.

An area or space that includes your main home theater. When an AV receiver is multi-zone, it means that it features amplifier channels of outputs that will be able to take a source discretely and route it to a second or third zone. 

Best Rated AV Receiver in 2019

Yamaha RX-A670BL AVENTAGE Audio & Video Component ReceiverYamaha RX-A670BL Aventage4.5 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Yamaha R-N303BL Stereo ReceiverYamaha R-N303BL Stereo Receiver4.4 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Yamaha RX-V583BL AV ReceiverYamaha RX-V583BL4.4 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Yamaha RX-V483BL AV ReceiverYamaha RX-V483BL4.3 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button
Yamaha RX-S601BL ReceiverYamaha RX-S601BL4.3 / 5.0buy-from-amazon-button


Each AV receiver on this list is as good as it gets on their respective price points. But, the Denon AVR S730H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver is one of the most affordable receivers with a great set of features. It’s compatible with 4K or HDR, it has Dolby Atmos, DTS X, and multi-room music to name a few.

In addition, its sound quality is really good with both movies and music, no matter what speakers you’ll use. Plus, its auto calibration works really well. Although there are other rivals that sounds better and its HEOS music system is not as capable like Yamaha’s MusicCast, overall, it’s an excellent value for your money.


An audio and video receiver are the backbone of any home theater, not just because it routes signals to various screens and speakers and tells everything in your setup where to go, but it profoundly effects the quality of your home system. 

There is a wide array of best AV receiver under $500 in 2019. Keep in mind that you could buy the most expensive one with all the latest features, but still not meet your expectations. Also it may not handle the massive amount of data that you feed it.

So, make sure to be a wise shopper and don’t always rely on expensive price. Always do your research first and read user reviews and feedback to ensure you’re getting overall value.

Tell us what you think of this review in the comments section below.

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