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Hey there! My name is Philip and I am a full time employee in a semiconductor company working as a Product Test engineer. As my daily work involves mostly with electronics semiconductor, I got the idea to make a technology related product review blog.

During my spare times, I usually spent it studying and learning about internet marketing and entrepreneurship. It got me excited when I learned the potential of online business. The reviews that I published in this site are of my own opinions and are not paid in any matter by its owners. I am participating in Amazon Associates program which I connect the products using my referral links. I will receive a small amount of commissions only if you made a purchase at Amazon. The affiliate links may or may not be clearly indicated for all my reviews. For more info, you may check full details in this website’s ToS.

My goal is to provide you with comprehensive reviews and giving my ratings according to my personal verdict as the product(s) may deem it appropriate. These reviews will serve you as guides during your information & research, speculation, comparison and/or buying process. I look forward to giving you useful insights and good stuffs.

For any questions, clarifications, or anything that you wish to speak your mind, please contact me or send a direct email to [email protected]