What is 4K PassThrough Receiver

What is 4K Passthrough receiver

What is 4K PassThrough AV Receiver?

This is a type of Audio Video receiver that allows any 4K video source content to passthrough the receiver without an additional post-processing to deliver an exact video output and then feeds into 4K displays such as Televisions.

Let’s say that the source contents contain copyrighted 4K video signal and you want it to be shown thru a 4K TV.

The source output must be connected thru a compatible HDMI cable that supports HDCP 2.2 (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection), and then it must be connected to the input of the 4K passthrough receiver.

The video copy is protected because there will be no post-processing within the receiver. This means that it removes that possibility of blocking or obstructing the digital data midstream between the original source and the display output.

The AV receiver will then deliver its output via HDMI and connect to the display’s input that also supports HDCP 2.2


Do I need a new AV receiver to go with my 4K TV?

This is a tricky question. No worries, you are not alone.

Let’s see what are your options…

AV receiver is the heart of your surround system to enjoy those high-powered speakers and video system. Unless you are satisfied with the normal TV speaker, then you won’t really need a new audio video receiver.

However, should you need to buy a new AV receiver unit (under $500)…

These days, AVR units usually contain multiple slots of HDMI inputs, and at least one slot that supports HDCP 2.2.

Be very careful when choosing your new audio video receiver that should support HDCP 2.2

Otherwise, whatever signal that comes out from your Ultra High-Definition Blu-Ray player or 4K/UHD streaming device will not be able to pass through successfully to your 4K display unit.

Another consideration for AVR should be able to operate with HDMI 2.0 at beefy 18 Gbps or higher bitrate. It works best with 4K displays (2160p) at 60 fps and 32 channels. They can last longer especially for future upgrades.

4K Upscaling vs Passthrough

Did you ever asked yourself, what happens if your AVR has an 4K upscaling plus passthrough feature, and your 4K display has also the same upscaling feature?

Which one is superior? Should you use both or use only from one source?

Let’s clarify each functions:

AVR does an excellent job to do 4K passthrough. It passes the native 4K content through it and then displays it. So, NO upscaling is needed.

While, upscaling from a 1080p content (or lower) to a “fake 4K” display is required in order to show a better version of the images or video. Remember, your TV should support 4K display to do this, otherwise you get a big black screen after upscaling it.

In a nutshell, whether there are benefits when upscaling from your AVR or not will be dependent upon your video source and/or TV itself. Usually, TV manufacturers excel in the upscaling to 4K, so which ever does a better job (AVR or TV) than the other will be on your choice.

What can you say with your 4K passthrough receiver and how we can help you. Put your comments in the section below.


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