Trying to quit the habit of smoking? There are help lines that act as a wonderful source that can help you out!

People who have been smoking for one year or less would find it easy to give up smoking . Smokers usually get this bad habit from their presence in groups that would consider smoking a cool thing.

Before you announce that you will give up smoking, you’ve got to determine why you will give up. What motivated you to take such a decision? Think about the reasons and motives that made you want to give up this bad habit and make a list of them. Take into consideration that once you’ve announced to those who are around you that you would quit smoking, all eyes will be upon you; hence you have to be fully committed to your decision.

Political correctness is certainly a two-edged sword! Previously there were a tobacco lobbyists who were willing to pass a law that would reduce taxes on tobacco products as well as give tobacco manufacturers the permission to freely advertise their products on the radio, TV, and various magazines. At that time the FDA didn’t pay attention to the manufacturers who increased the dangerous and addictive chemicals content in their products, just to get you even more addicted.

After that, we started to hear about the relation between smoking and lung cancer. It didn’t take so much time to make smoking a social stigma issue. People who hadn’t taken up the habit had a PC social edge over the ignorant smokers, adopting the holier-than-thou attitude. This social divide resulted in the alienation of smokers. Yet, some people chose to continue smoking as a simple act of social rebellion.

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Luckily, if you want to give up smoking, you can use the assistance of help lines that can give you support without being judgmental. Help lines are spreading everywhere, they represent a wonderful method to help quit smoking, and they act as an awesome defense at the front line. Unlike your sister, brother, or friend, help lines staff will never turn you down, they are ready to help you and answer your calls anytime. They know the problems you might be going through and they also have some tips and tricks besides the hints that can always help you give up smoking.

The help lines for smoking are almost like a ‘buddy’ system, it’s sort of a 911 smoking emergency. When you are overstressed by the fear of going to a mart to buy some stuff and end up getting cigarettes, it will be funny to know that there are those who are present over the phone and know your problem and can help you with it. Most of the staff are ex- smokers and understand what you are going through. They are always there, and they are always eager to help. They know all the pitfalls and obstacles you might be facing and they can give you the suitable advice.

Besides the help lines there are forums and message boards which are another 24/7 option that works to help you quit as well. You have to know that to give up smoking you need to stay in touch with people who have been through the same problem before for they know all the psychological difficulties you may be facing.

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