Every one wants good tips for SEO and wants to make SEO friendly website. Here are some tips which are helpful for you. One important thing for SEO is you need to optimize your SEO work daily. It is not a onetime work.

1. Well written content will have to focus on your primary keyword or keyword phrase. So be sure your content will be reach and cover your keyword. Don’t try to use someone’s or your competitor’s keyword for your site. It will not works
2. Now you have to give back links for your well written content. Give link to your site in your content where have keyword. For example, your page content have “SEO Tips” then link to “SEO Tips” instead of “Click Here”.
3. Take care that you have unique keyword, which focused Title tag on every page of your site. If you put your company name at the last then it will be good.
4. If possible add fresh content on a regular basis which will be eye catching for search engines. Your site content love unique and quality content. So be sure your site have both kind of content.
5. Be sure your image ALT attribute , your domain name, keyword link properly
6. If your site content does not change regular basis, then you need to have blog. Because search engines spiders fresh content. Your blog have at least 3-4 post in a week with good and fresh content.
7. Your site or blog have natural language content. Search Engines check all the stuff and don’t try to make fool search engines by using keyword in your content without necessity.
8. If you want to attract more visitor, grow up your sales then never think your site is finished you need to add unique and quality content to your site or blog.
9. Submit your site to search engines and also if you think you need to help then asked to search engines for guideline. Like Google Webmaster Guideline and Webmaster Help Video
10. Integrate Google Search Console which is helps you to monitor and maintain your site preference in Google Search Result. Also integrate Google Analytics by this you can know how many visitor visit your site, which keyword they have used and from which site they are come and also you can know which page they visit. Set up account in G+ will help to builds trust with Google and improve your raking for localised keywords.
11. Try to create content like that the visitor can stay long time to your site. Make visitor to engage with your site content using images, videos. More time spend by user at your site makes chance to get high rank.
12. You should write content in 160 characters can describe your topic in a way that people like to click your site then other from search results.
13. Interact with blogger through relevant website of your industries.
14. By adding number and address at every page of your site will build trust and improve your ranking if you are keyword phrase that contain your city/town name.
15. Get listed your site in local and business directories.
16. Also asked to your customer to leave positive review’s in G+ and local directory which will be helpful to improve your ranking in search engines.
17. Your site has to add social sharing button. So visitor can share your content to own social media.
18. Be sure that your side should go with www.yoursite.com or yoursite.com not with both.
19. People should guess about your site topic from your URL.
20. Targeted keyword phrases should have in your content with H1 and H2 tags.
21. Your site needs to be clear and simple. User friendly and Responsive website will help to improve your site ranking. Your site should be browser and device compatible.

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Don’t expect that SEO result is instant. It will take time for a week or month also.