Last night I looked at Taylor as we were driving over to his friend Greg’s house to watch the Ravens game & said “Do you realize we have left the house every night of this weekend? We are crazy!”  What is next for these 2 crazy 20-somethings who usually act like senior citizens? A bedtime past 10 pm?!

Obviously no pictures of the big dress can go up on the ol’ blog just yet. But the good news is that it now fits & I can breathe in it!

! I bought my dress at an off-the-rack store & it was a 0.

. So really like a negative 4 in regular people size. It has always been clipped here & tight there & I’ve just had to imagine how it would look. And try not to suffocate. Now it finally fits correctly and everything is all finalized & no more imagining how it would look! Hooray! And the best news is I really can’t lose much more weight or it will be too big.

So to celebrate I obviously bought the biggest Dr. Pepper possible. It was like a dream. Mom & I also did a little shopping before she headed back home & I am now officially finished with bridesmaids gifts! I did not buy them that little dog sign, don’t worry. I just realized what a crazy dog lady I am turning into that I legitimately almost bought that for myself. I had to slooowly back away.

Saturday night- double date night! Yea yeaaa! We met up with one of Taylor’s best friends Greg & his girlfriend, Heather, who needs to just hurry up & move down here because she is one of my favorite people in the entire world. Even though I really didn’t want to like her because I really wanted Greg to marry one of my friends. But she won me over! Haha. On the way to our sushi date, I discovered that Taylor’s current favorite song is by Pitbull. That is slightly distressing. He claims to like the trumpets. Most important- sushi!

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We went out on the town later that night like actual 20-somethings. Like I said, we are crazy these days. Ugh side note. We get to the bar & it’s packed out so we are winding our way through the crowd when a guy does a dead stop in front of me & starts screaming & just carrying on like a lunatic because he has reunited with some long lost friend. He’s picking the guy up, hugging him, the whole shebang. Meanwhile NO ONE can move in the bar because of this moron. So I finally veer around him & give him some major side eye when his other friend who looks like Spencer Pratt stops me & says “don’t you judge him!” I look back at him & say “sorry, too late.” And keep walking. The entire rest of the night Spencer Pratt is giving me the stink eye like he is going to come beat me up.

Come on, Mr. Button-up Shirt. I will go redneck on you in about 2 seconds flat. So annoying.

Finally, Charlie & I went for a nice long walk Sunday morning & he discovered this great view of Atlanta that I didn’t even know existed. I swear we live in the most perfect spot. We are 10 minutes away from all the main Atlanta areas but we live on top of a mountain on a lake. It is the perfect combination of my backwoods hometown & the big city. Boom.

I know this has already been a way long post about nothing but I did want to share this funny little story of how fast karma smacks me in the face some time. Sunday morning my walk with Charlie went on for much longer than usual because he led me to the aforementioned lookout spot. So I was thinking I bet Taylor is getting worried. It’s a good thing I always have my phone on me unlike him. He is so lucky to have such a responsible fiance who always answers his calls. About 10 minutes later I look down at my phone & I have 3 missed calls from Taylor. My phone was on silent & I didn’t even know it. And Taylor was driving around looking for me & Charlie & thought we had been woman/dog-napped. Yep, he is one lucky duck.

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I hope everyone is having a great Monday! If you are off work I hate you!