If your frames per second are not at a decent level, it might not even matter how good you are at the game. If your computer can reach 30FPS that is what people consider “playable”. When it comes to a fast paced FPS game, most people are aiming for at least 60 frames per second if not higher. Anything under 30FPS is going to look choppy and most likely result in you dying more times than not.

There are many ways that you can go about increasing your frames per second. Reducing the resolution that you play at will have the biggest effect on your gaming performance. You can also reduce the game’s video settings. Most games allow you to change settings such as shadow quality and draw distance. Another way that you might be able to increase your FPS is updating your graphics card drivers. There are many guides online that go over how to update your drivers or even software that will update your drivers automatically. The one I personally used is called IObit Driver Booster. One final method that I will suggest to increase your FPS is using a PC optimization software such as Razer Cortex.  This software will clear out unneeded background processes that could ruin game performance.


You don’t need any super expensive equipment to be decent at first person shooter games, but the proper equipment can help. A decent mouse will help you with your accuracy and will allow you to customize your DPI settings along with other features. Many gaming mouses also come with removable weights so you can add or remove weights until the mouse is heavy or light enough for your liking. A headset is always good to have because then you can hear footsteps of enemies that are attempting to sneak up on you and you can more easily judge where shots are coming from. Most gamers prefer a monitor with at least a 75 Hz refresh rate, but you should be able to do just fine even with a 60 Hz monitor as long as your setup can pull decent frames.

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If you are constantly trying to get better at a game that you don’t even enjoy, chances are you will get bored and give up before you give yourself a chance to get better. That’s why it is always good to find a game that you enjoy playing whether you’re good at first or not. With a game that you thoroughly enjoy, you will put more effort into getting better because you are actually interested in it. After you have found the game you want to play, here are some tips for getting better at that game:

• Learn the maps – If you don’t know where your enemies spawn or where the main gunfights happen, you will never get better. You will constantly catch yourself walking into enemy fire with no idea of the strategy behind it. Look for good sniper spots for future reference and good hiding spots. In most FPS games there are a few routes that people take on certain maps constantly. Learn those and catch your enemies off guard.

• Pay close attention to sounds – Simple sounds such as a gun reloading or foot steps can alert you to enemies and give you the upper hand in a gun battle. It can also give you an indication of what type of weapon another player is using. For example if you are in a house and you hear somebody pump a shotgun, you now know you will most likely be having a gunfight with somebody that is equipped with a shotgun.

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• Reload after a gunfight – It is always best practice to reload your weapon after a gunfight. Sometimes it takes time to get used to, but once you get in the habit of reloading after a gunfight it will become like second nature. You always want to make sure you have the maximum amount of ammo you can in case another gunfight breaks out unexpectedly.


Playing in a group of people that you know is always more fun than playing alone. Typically when you are in a group you can also coordinate better than the other team especially if the other team is a group of randoms. Teamwork and communication will always win over an organized team and that’s a fact. If the group of people that you play with are good at the game, you can follow them around and learn their strategies. The best way to get better is by playing with good players.


The only surefire way to get better at a FPS game or any game at all is to practice. You can’t hop on a game for the first time and expect to be better than a guy that spends 8 hours a day on that same game. If you follow all these steps, I believe that you will definitely see your skill improve in whatever game you choose to pursue. The main key is to never give up no matter how frustrating it gets because when you are one of the good players, you will be happy that you stuck with it.

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