What do you think of Social Media being used for business more and more every day? What do you think of your friends sharing posts about there particular products? Is this okay, or should there be another entity for this?

Not everyone agrees this is an okay practice. I have seen a lot of people complain or ‘unfriend’ for this practice. Your friends don’t want to be bombarded every day with another post about your amazing snake oil and all it can do for you. It is kind of like doing the slow hustle on friends and family and anyone who will listen. It is just not really appreciated.

And yes, I get that your up-line or sponsor does this and told you to do the same. I did it when I was doing M.L.M.too. The thing is, and this is important…..not all your friends and family ARE interested in your expensive product no matter how much YOU think they NEED to be!! Is Social Media an important platform to be using for business? In my opinion, if I may, I say Yes. In fact, Hugely so. Just Not On Your Personal Page!

Here are two other reasons for Not using your Personal Profile:


So what do you think now? Are you an Online Marketer? I am talking MLM or Affiliate and are you using a Social Media platform to draw attention to your business? Do you want too?
Well, the news is, You NEED to! It is a must and it is not complicated, well, not as complicated as they are going to tell you. If you can set up your own personal page then you can do this one!!

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On your Facebook Dashboard.…..top right corner you will see a symbol of a lock and just beside that, an arrow pointing down. Click on that and on the drop down menu click on create a page. Just a suggestion but try and have your name picked out. Facebook does allow you to change this but best to get as close to what you want the first time. Then follow the directions and you are up and away.

Think of Social Media as your Store Front in the Mall and thousands of people come by every day. Your Store is your Fan Page or Business Page. Here is the place where you want to become the expert at what it is you do. Sharing really good information that has value as well as some fun tips others could use. The thing is, You want to be seen as THE Expert in whatever it is you are doing. You want to stand out from the rest of the pack and be noticed. You won’t do that if you do what every other marketer on Facebook is doing………using a personal page for their home biz.


More Advantages


Advertising on Social Media is well within any budget and is only available on your fan page or business page. You cannot do this from your personal page which means your ‘reach’ your audience is limited. Much safer to go this route than end up in Facebook Jail too! Yes, they have jail time if you break the rules and get caught!!

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Your Fan Page is a great place for contests or give a way’s for friends sharing with friends or an advertised promo from one of your affiliate offers.

You will appear More Professional and people will look to you for help.

You can connect your Website/Blog direct to your fan page with the Sociable Plugin. This is a great tool.

One or Two tips for your Fan Page:


Social Media in Short Form! Everyday is a new day of learning when we use the Internet and what it offers for business. Social Media reaches so many people you would otherwise not reach and you can do this for free or very low cost advertising. Remember you have to have visitors in order to make any money and that means doing a bit of leg work. Let your fingers do the walking and use social media to help you reach your goal.


Would love to hear your thoughts on this, so come on and make my day better than it already is and leave a comment or a question. Your info is safe as I really do not like spam either.