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How to Become a Competitive Gamer

Salary Potential: Extremely High, with a very high variance in earnings

Skills Required:

* Extremely High (top 1%) Skill in Selected Game
* Communication
* Critical Thinking
* Time Management
* Effective Self-Evaluation Skills

Summary: The competitive gamer is the …

My Crazy Weekend

Last night I looked at Taylor as we were driving over to his friend Greg’s house to watch the Ravens game & said “Do you realize we have left the house every night of this weekend? We are crazy!”  What …

My Facebook Lesson

My weekly recap: Meanderings, Learning Curves, and Whatnots

Whatnots ruled my week. Got caught up on all sorts of things. And fell further behind on others. Ahhh, whaddaya, whaddaya.

Today is an odd 5th Monday so that means…

5th Monday: …

Quick SEO Tips

Every one wants good tips for SEO and wants to make SEO friendly website. Here are some tips which are helpful for you. One important thing for SEO is you need to optimize your SEO work daily. It is …