We’ve already talked about how important Facebook advertising can be for your business. Hundreds of thousands of people spend several hours of their day on Facebook. As a business or an affiliate – it’s your job to make sure that you are everywhere that the traffic is. It may seem like a lot of work to keep up with all of the new social networks but it’s definitely worth it.

1. Pages are public which means they can be indexed by the search engines. As a business – you want to make sure that you dominate the first page of listings for your brand keywords. Whether you are a brick and mortar business or a branded affiliate site – you want to show up in the SERPs over and over again.

2. Pages allow you to link to your main site. As you all know – backlinks are the name of the game in SEO and every backlink you can get from a high powered site is a great asset. Especially when they are free and easy to setup!

3. Pages allow you to keep your fans up to date with what’s going on. Most of your aren’t going to visit your website every single day – but they will visit Facebook daily! Keep them up to date with your latest company changes, website additions, and product listings all by sending out an update and appearing on their wall! Remind them that you exist and keep them coming back.

4. You are in complete control of the page. Even though it’s hosted on somebody else’s server – you can do whatever you want with your fan page. You don’t want a competitor to make a fan page before you, and drive traffic to their own site. Nor do you want a fan, even though they have a good purpose at heart, to make a fan page that you can’t control.

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5. Fan pages are viral, plain and simple. Every time somebody joins a new fan page – the majority of their friends see this action in their news feed. It’s highly likely that friends will at least take a look at the fan page – and some might even become a fan – showing the links to all of their friends!

6. It’s free, and it won’t take you more then a few hours to setup. A few hours of your time to setup your page, add basic information and upload some images and you are all set to go. It won’t take you more then a few minutes a day to update your fans on what you are doing – especially if you use a service like Ping.fm to update all of your social networks at once.

What are you waiting for? Go and create a fan page right now! Don’t have a branded affiliate site or a product? Time to get to work – the future of affiliate marketing is in owning the brand so people keep coming back to you.